Here’s a mini Christmas Tree you can make as a centerpiece for your Christmas party or a gift for friends. Feel free to change up the mix of colours to fit your preferred look – we’ve gone for the traditional green, red and white of Christmas colours!

How to make a mini christmas tree

Materials needed:

  • 5 toilet paper rolls
  • Green paint (poster or water colours are fine)
  • Brush
  • Red construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Super glue or a hot glue gun
  • Paper lace doily
  • Mini snowflake decorations (from Daiso) or stickers
  • Any other embellishments for your “tree”


1. Cut each roll in half, so that you have 10 half-rolls to work with. You’ll only need 9.

2. Let the kids paint the rolls green. Leave rolls to dry.

kids christmas craft

3. Use glue to stick the rolls together to form one group of 5 rolls, one group of 3 rolls, and one stand-alone roll. Leave to dry.

DIY Christmas mini tree

4. Trace the shape of the two groups of rolls on the red paper, then cut out and glue to one side of each group

DIY Christmas Crafts Mini Tree

Christmas Craft DIY

5. Stack the rolls up to form your “tree” – the group of 5 rolls form the bottom tier, and the single roll goes on the top! Glue in place and let dry.

christmas crafts for kids

6. Decorate your tree with the mini snowflakes and other stickers/embellishments.

7. Apply glue to the base of the tree and stick your tree in the middle of your paper doily. You’re done!

christmas tree crafts

Alternatively, here are some places to buy christmas trees in Singapore.

By Dorothea Chow.

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