Pregnancy is mental, emotional, and physical. It can also be a spiritual or metaphysical experience. It is going through levels and trimesters that develop in each unique moment within each day. Feelings of uncertainty and fear are normal and do not make your experience less ‘pure’ because all those emotions and thoughts can take you to a place of personal balance and wellness.

holistic pregnancy

Pregnancy is a natural experience, but can also be a surreal one, as adjustments are made to the changes in body and mind. A fast-moving society easily influences feelings about giving birth and pregnancy, with extensive books and experts all sharing information about the prenatal woman. Some information can be helpful, while others can be limiting or fear-invoking. The wisest and loving information about a holistic or spiritual pregnancy comes from the individual mother-to-be. After all, who knows you better than you!

A holistic or spiritual pregnancy begins with self-awareness and a true heart commitment to your personal reality. It requires a wealth of love, compassion, authenticity, forgiveness, and letting go. It is how you feel inside yourself. How aware you are of your body and mind. It is also having the ability to investigate how personal beliefs and emotional patterns create a birthing experience. Creating such a pregnancy takes personal awareness in understanding the greatness of the universal connection to all things from within. It is something that is not attained by accident, nor something that can be purchased or forced. It is moving into unknown experiences and trusting in the process of life.

holistic pregnancy

The best one can do is to explore, learn and trust. It begins with being honest about your feelings, emotions, trusting your intuitions, and nourishing yourself with peace and relaxation activities. Another big part of pregnancy is to go with the flow and let go of your preconceived perceptions of what an ideal pregnancy should be like. Do not make a birth plan which needs extreme focus and rules. Pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you, and enjoy the beauty in creation. Most of all, remain open-hearted and minded and encourage feelings of acceptance, love and kindness.

In a busy world, we sometimes forget the importance of reflection and slowing down. It is easy to slow down when life creates it for you with stressful events or intense surprises. These things make you rest and relax, but learning early on in the pregnancy to trust intuitive information will make for a better prenatal and perinatal experience for you, your baby, and your family.

By Kelly Meehan.

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