Baby Jayden is a smart and cheeky boy who just enrolled in pre-school 6 months ago. He is a nature lover, always chasing birds and butterflies whenever he goes to parks. He also loves school and looks forward to school every day, an impressive trait for any young boy! Sadly, this came to a halt about a month ago due to recurring fever and limping on one leg. A series of tests later, Jayden was found to have high-risk neuroblastoma cancer and a 7cm tumour at his adrenal gland that needs to be removed. He is only 2 years old.

sg boy with cancer

Things were going really great for this family of three until this diagnosis happened. While we still couldn’t comprehend why this happened, for now we are accepting that God has a greater plan. This is not a time to dwell on sorrow, and the immediate need is to start the treatment for Jayden as soon as possible. After pouring through various research studies and medical journals, it is decided that Jayden will receive treatment in Singapore due to the availability of resources and treatment, followed by immunotherapy which has to be carried out in the US due to the expertise, experience and availability of the drugs. We have thought long and hard before making this decision, weighing all probable outcomes of such a difficult decision.

baby jayden with cancer

The treatment will be a complicated one which will stretch over months of hospital admissions that will cost us an unaffordable sum of money. Treatment consists of chemotherapy, surgery, stem cell harvest, stem cell megatherapy and radiation therapy that cost around SGD400,000, followed by immunotherapy in the US of about SGD 800,000, adding up to a total of SGD1.2 million. We are appealing to the public’s generosity and kindness to give baby Jayden a fighting chance to combat this cancer. We all hope that Jayden will overcome this and grow up to live his dreams like most children.

Please don’t get dissuaded by the huge amount as it is for the entire course of the treatment, which will take approximately 12-18 months. Every kind donation counts to help Jayden. This will not be an easy journey for us but with your kind assistance and the knowledge that we have your love and encouragement, it will help us fight stronger and win this battle.

Baby Jayden on hospital bed

Here are some ways you can help Jayden:

A) Give Asia

The steps on “how to donate” are given in the link below. This is our preferred approach as it goes into our Sg account to help fund the treatment. Also, donors from this channel will receive updates automatically. Take note that tips are optional and not mandatory. Link:

B) Singapore Bank Account

If you have Singapore bank account and would like to transfer directly to a domestic bank in Singapore.

Account no.: 020-8-073181
Full name: BAN KAR YI

C) Like and share this Facebook page:

Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts for generosity and kindness. May God bless you and your family.

PS: At the time of writing, we have successfully collected about SGD180K through Give Asia and direct donations.