Elanra Air Compact Pendant Ionisers

ELANRA ioniser is the world’s first ioniser designed specifically for medical use

Beneficial to our health and wellbeing, scientific research highlights the positive effects of nature’s negative ions of oxygen on our immune system, our moods, on the elimination of airborne bacteria, on our concentration and learning and more.

Invisible to the eye, nature’s negative ions are small oxygen atoms most commonly experienced around large waterfalls, by the seaside where the surf crashes unto rocks and after a thunderstorm. Instinctively, it’s around these areas that we find ourselves taking a deep breath; our body looking to benefit from these ‘vitamins of the air’.

Fortunately for us living in cities today, Australian designed 21st century technology has brought the vast therapeutic benefits of nature’s negative ions from the great outdoors into our homes with the world’s most advanced range of medical-grade, domestic Ionisers. O2ions is proud to announce that the Elanra Therapeutic Ioniser is now available, distributed and supported in Singapore.

Working in the field of ion technology for over 40 years, Australian inventor Joshua Shaw discovered that exposure to the small negative ions produced by the Elanra causes an increase in the body’s production of Immunoglobulin A (IgA), ), a prime constituent of the immune system, to counteract infections. To go one step further, Elanra also destroys up to 95% of airborne bacteria before they are breathed in. A year-long study by the University of Leeds at St James’s Hospital, UK, found that ionisers placed in the Intensive Care Unit significantly reduced infections by eliminating 100% of highly resistant Acinetobacter from the air.

Elanra Ionisers

While our school going children are exhorted daily to be vigilant and to be on guard against air borne infection, by washing hands frequently and practising good hygiene and social responsibility, Elanra provides an additional, effective protection. It creates an environment that enables them to breathe and sleep as nature intended while their bodies heal and balance themselves.

With three models available, tabletop MKII, portable MKIII or the wearable hands-free Elanra Air personal pendant, Elanra Ionisers emit nature’s same small biologically active negative ions of oxygen, pulsed at programmable frequencies to support a wide range of conditions. Ideal for travel and for study and concentration, the Elanra is used also in the home, office, intensive care and general hospital wards to assist recovery from illness & fatigue improve sleep, alleviate symptoms of allergies and improved alertness.

Fully programmable and compliant with the most stringent safety and electrical standards, the Elanra range of therapeutic ionisers are recommended by health care professionals and natural therapists around the world. Satisfied users of the Elanra continue to enthuse over it benefits, and attribute their improved health and wellbeing to the ingenuity of Mr Shaw and his Elanra.

The Elanra is very good for my breathing. My nose is not blocked when I am sleeping at night, I was very ill with wheezing for many years and I could not breathe. I was uncomfortable when the Elanra was not there, I am very comfortable now. When I am doing my schoolwork at night, I don’t feel sleepy. Thank you mum for buying the Elanra.I want to thank the inventor of the Elanra also. Joel, 8 years.

I have been using the Elanra for three months. During this time I have found relief from colds, stomach distress and headaches. I am sleeping better, awake more rested and have not had to use asthma medications since I began using the Elanra. Thank you…… love your unit. Ruth R. Ph.D. Maine, USA

We seem to be protected. Our neighbours get colds, flu and viruses and we stay healthy, thanks to Elanra. Female, 59 years

We rarely have colds or flu. Sleep better and any operation we use the Elanra for healing. We have one and share the other with children and grandchildren for whatever they need at the time – colds, flu, pregnancy, operations and recovery etc. Male 68 years

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