Who said Singaporean men aren’t romantic or don’t express their love to their wives?

Fathers Love Stories

In My Mrs. My Valentine, we interviewed two fathers on how how’s their Valentine and their secret to a successful marriage.

Now, hear what other Singapore fathers have to say about their own love story and share their personal stories in their special Valentine’s Day post.

Read their love stories here:

  1. Divine Intervention by Daddy Nick Pan: How did a game of Romance of the Three Kingdoms helped Nick to find his perfect partner?
  2. A Valentine’s Day 2014 tribute to the lady in my life by Daddy Eddie: Who followed Eddie when he needed to leave Singapore For Bangkok?
  3. For Better or Worse By Daddy Howard: Daddy
  4. Do you remember the time… when we fell in love by Daddy DarrenL: Who’s lucky to have who and who managed to unearth a treasure?
  5. Who is Daddy’s Valentine by Daddy Andy: Who married his first love?
  6. Made for each other by Daddy Ken: A Love journey that started on a Manila jeepney
  7. 28 Valentine’s, 1 True Love by Daddy Winston: How getting rejected by 23 girls and being in 28 past relationships led him to meeting the one
  8. My wife. My soulmate. by Daddy Patrick: Who is the one behind this daddy’s success?
  9. Will you be my Valentine? by Daddy Edmund: 7 Things what his wife means to him
  10. The Ring, The Shoes and the Handbag – a Valentines’ Day Dedication by Daddy David: A Dad’s heartfelt letter to his daughter about his love story
  11. A Valentine’s Day Love Letter by Daddy M: The Woman, The Wife, The Mother…and The Love of My Life
  12. No One More Special Than You by Daddy Isaiah: Celebrating their 21st Vday celebration with his wife Klessis
  13. All I’ll Ever Need is You by Daddy Kelvin: How often does one get a second shot at life?
  14. Recollection by Daddy Lucian: With endless supply of love and chocolate at home, who needs Valentine’s Day?

will you be my valentine by wacky duoPhoto credit: The Wacky Duo

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