It is a very challenging task in getting the right confinement nanny. Reliability, attitude and getting a pro-breastfeeding nanny are the major concerns to all expectant mothers.

GPLS, a confinement nannies for hire agency shares their insights on some pitfalls that might occur when we do not get the right confinement nanny.

hiring confinement nannies

Some Common Pitfalls:

Select Nannies Based On Friends or Relatives Recommendations

A Confinement nanny who suits your friends and relatives does not necessarily suit you. This is a common issue as a different family has a different standard of expectations and requirements of a nanny. A nanny that fits well into family A might not necessarily fit well into family B, due to personality differences.

Your deposit paid is not guaranteed

Booking base on words without deposit given means commitment does not exist, the nanny can decide not to come at the last minute. It would be such a nightmare when you are left with so many baby chores to do but no help rendered.

The worst scenario, when someone else offers a higher rate; your nanny can decide to drop you without even letting you know until when your confinement is about to start. Or it could be that she is still tied up with her other assignments. And you get panic at the last minute and additional stress added in you becoming a debt chaser for the deposit you have placed with her. Many a time, the deposit is not retrieval. Make sure you get a confinement nanny who keeps to her promised.

Enforcing Strict Traditional Services

As some confinement nannies tend to enforce traditional confinement practices very strictly, some modern mummies of the 21st century might not get used to it. Instead of helping tide through smooth and relaxing confinement, it ends up causing stress and discomfort to the mummies.

Unforeseen Circumstances

There are bound to be some unforeseen circumstances such as the confinement nanny might fall sick, needs to leave earlier due to personal reasons or not being able to get along with the family etc…

Therefore it would be good to employ a nanny from an established agency network so as to ensure that there is someone to help you ensure a smooth transition in your confinement.

Article by GPLS Confinement Care Agency.

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