It is no doubt how essential water is in our lives as it supports our bodily functions but not many parents realise that children actually should be drinking more water than even adults. Children have higher metabolic rates and are generally more susceptible to losing electrolytes through perspiration, leading to dehydration.

Because dehydration can happen very fast in children and is linked with multiple health issues, this makes it even more important for children to develop good drinking habits from the onset.

Here are 6 fun ways to help parents inculcate this good habit in their children:

1. Make it fruity!

drink more water add fruits to water

Adding a variety of fruits is a great way to infuse some colour and flavour into drinking water. Berries such as strawberries, blueberries or raspberries can be added whole for vibrant bursts of colours while citrus fruits such as lemon and orange slices add a zesty flavour to the water. Letting the children customise their own fruit-flavoured water by choosing what fruits to add is a great way to get them to drink more. Also, be sure to use room temperature or cold water as hot water will break down the fruit enzymes.

2. Fun cups, bottles and straws

fun strawsImage credit: Shopee

Instead of drinking water out of a plain ol’ cup, get children excited about drinking water by letting them choose a cup that has their favourite cartoon character. The possibilities are endless with cups in all forms of shapes, sizes and prints. Letting children add a curly or colourful straw to their cup also makes developing the habit of drinking water a lot more fun.

3. Water rewards chart

drink more water hydration chart H2O Life

Have a “water rewards chart” where children collect points for every cup of water they drink at regular intervals. After they have hit a certain number of cups for the week, they get to choose a reward which could be in the form of time spent together doing an activity, their favourite food or a small toy. Incentivising children through positive reinforcement to continually drink water is a fun way to help them build this good habit.

4. Freeze water into interesting shapes

ways to get your child to drink water

Add a touch of creativity by popping in some ice cubes that come in all sorts of interesting shapes. This is especially thirst-quenching on a humid day and is a treat for the children. Take it up a notch by incorporating fruit pieces or edible flowers into ice cubes. This will also make them excited to freeze the ice cubes for later use and help them remember to drink more water.

5. Empower them to self-serve

H2O Life Source Hydration JourneyImage credit: H2O Life Source

Help children understand the benefits of staying hydrated by explaining to them why the human body needs water. Further empower them to self-serve by making sure cups and water are readily available in the household. It also helps that water is easily accessible so that they can take a drink at regular intervals.

H2O Life Source stocks a series of water purifiers to suit every family’s needs – from chlorine-free purified water to alkaline ionized water. These purification and ionisation systems eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses from water while retaining the good minerals. Having one of these handy on the countertop at home ensures children are able to drink quality water when they need a drink.

6. Set a good example

drink water H2O

Children often follow in their parents’ footsteps and one good way of inculcating the habit of drinking water regularly is to make sure that you yourself set a good example. Be a good role model by cutting out sugary drinks and drinking water regularly and children will naturally pick up this behaviour.

We hope these tips will help parents personalise their children’s drinking experience and through these fun ways help them develop the habit of drinking more. If you are keen to find out more facts about hydration, stay tuned for webinars coming your way.

This is part 2 of the Hydration Literacy For Parents series brought to you by H2O LIFE SOURCE – a leading water science company in Asia.

By Jasmine Chua.

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