Not every cooking project in the kitchen has to end up as a disaster. Let the dedicated bakers and teachers at Genius R Us help you.

baking classes for children and parents

Over 100 recipes to learn and try

With more than 100 recipes (and counting!) for cookies, cakes, muffins, and savoury treats to make and bake, coupled with easy-to-follow instructions, it’s no surprise that their recipes are a hit.

More than just baking

Apart from providing kids with a platform where their interest in baking can be discovered and honed, Genius R Us is a baking cove where kids build their confidence and learn skills beyond the perimeter of a classroom.

During this process, they learn about:

Baking classes for kids

Basic arithmetic

Learn to count, tell apart units of measurement, and fractions (i.e. pouring a quarter cup of flour)

• Science and general knowledge

Learn how to use different equipment and kitchen tools safely, with supervision

• Social and language skills

Pick up and use words pertaining to food, the kitchen and baking.

• Creativity

It can’t just taste good, it also has to look good. Watch their imagination take flight as they decorate their freshly baked muffin or cookie.

• Motor skills

Pick up some practical skills such as learning to crack an egg confidently, knead dough and whisk batter.

• Self-esteem

Being able to dish out food on the table fosters a sense of accomplishment. These contributions, however small, are monumental to the development of self.

Learn More Through Their 5 Senses

Genius R Us baking class for children

Baking offers them the experiential platform to engage their sense of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. Making something from scratch with their own hands, there is an immense sense of achievement when children complete a product of their own. They also derive pleasure from baking as they observe, take instructions, and plan their agenda.

Be it in dressing a cupcake or garnishing a cake, baking at Genius R Us is never a chore!

Group Learning

At Genius R Us, kids do not work individually but work in a team of two. Such joint efforts not only allow for the exchange of ideas but also facilities social skills and foster cooperation in them.

baking workshops for children

To the very last cookie crumb…

From the moment your little chefs put on the chef hats and colourful aprons, it’s truly a melting pot of fun for parents and kids alike. Even if the last crumb of cookie has been consumed, the sweet aroma still lingers on.

Because it’s the experience that really matters.

Bake a date with your child today at Genius R Us!

Genius R Us


baking workshops for kids genius r us

This was first published in Parenting with Love: Preparing your child for Primary School.

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