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This section contains the reviews and interviews.

Last Day Of School: This Video About A Singapore Family Will Make You Cry

“No matter what, no child should sacrifice their future.” Follow the story of Siew Fang, a girl with big dreams but with even bigger responsibilities towards her family.

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Spur Your Child’s Curiosity with GALT

Make learning engaging for your child with the right set of toys and products. With over 175 years of experience in toys and education, Galt knows what works best for children.

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Raising A Child With Special Needs: An Interview With Mother Lorraine Yow

“Your son will never be able to do anything like stacking wooden blocks ever.” came the doctor’s reply. How would you have reacted when the doctor told you these words?

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NEW Family-Friendly Eating Place For Westies – Zi Char & Tapas Bar

For those who stay in the West, this new dining option in the West will be your new hangout!

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POSB To Offer 2% Interest For Their Child Development Accounts

POSB will be offering parents an interest rate of 2% p.a. for the entire duration on their Child Development Accounts (CDAs) opened with the bank.

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A Heart For Art: heART Studio

Rena, Founder of heART Studio, saw how her boy’s spirit got weakened day by day after he came back from school. How did she use art to perk her little boy’s spirit back up?

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Raising A Child With Special Needs: An Interview With Mother Annie Ong

What is it like bringing up two sons with special needs? Mother Annie Ong shares with TNAP on the trials and tribulations of raising her boys and why she is so proud of them.

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What Gives Your Car That New Car Smell?

Ever wondered what causes cars to have the distinct “new car smell”? It is actually the glue, plastics and car mouldings that emit dangerous and unhealthy chemicals to give off this smell.

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How Does He Do It? Father’s Day Interview With Tan Wee Keng

When Tan Wee Keng was schooling, he would spend his holidays at his father’s warehouse and office, packing goods, punching numbers and even deliver goods.

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How Does He Do It? Father’s Day Interview With Ernest Tan

In 1996 at age 36, Ernest had hardly any savings and was struggling to provide for his family. Now a grandfather, Ernest shares his advice to fathers out there.

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