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This section contains the reviews and interviews.

Interview With Dorothy Heng, Grandmother, Housewife And Member Of Ageless Theatre

“…majority of Singaporeans over the age of 50 feel five years younger than their actual age. For me, I’m 62 now, but I feel 35!” What’s this grandmother’s secret to feeling young?

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7 Things You Need To Know About Huawei Honor 6

Huawei Honor 6 was unveiled to the world in June this year. So what’s in store for you if you get this phone? We list down 7 things you need to know about this phone.

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Christmas Gift Ideas For The Whole Family

Time to splurge on your loved ones and friends this Christmas! Check out these meaningful and practical gifts for the whole family.

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Relieve Motion-Sickness With Sea-Band

Are you planning for a holiday? What’s your biggest worry when you travel? For many, it is experiencing motion sickness during travel! How can you combat it?

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Make This Festive Holiday A Joyous And Unforgettable One At Sentosa PLAYcation

Create larger-than-life memories this holiday with your family at Sentosa PLAYcation! So much fun and excitement for everyone! Come on down to Sentosa now!

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Interview With Mummy Blogger Elizabeth Wu

Why is maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle so important, especially for mums? We asked Elizabeth, an influencer for this year’s Great Eastern #RunToLiveGreat to share her thoughts with us.

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Hop & Honk By I Theatre

Do you really want to follow your destiny or do you want to follow your heart? Hop and Honk explores themes of friendship, transformation and looking beyond the surface.

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S.A.M Maths Acceleration Program – Better Than Tuition

With over 30,000 pages of proprietary content organised in modules, we tailor a long term a long term program for your child, and pace the learning according to your child’s individual ability.

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BRAND NEW Nestlé CERELAC® Wheat, Honey and Dates

Nestlé CERELAC® has incorporated a brand new flavour with dates into infant cereal with milk. This cereal is packed with more goodness than any other baby cereal in the market! Why is that so?

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Welcome To The State Of FUN! 10 Exciting Things To Do At Sentosa

Who says there’s nothing to do in this small island? Pack your things and get ready for an exhilarating ride only at the State of Fun – Sentosa!

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