It’s not every day that you get to watch a theatre performance and bring your baby along.

But all that is about to change.

100 and 100 More Festival The Artground

Happening from 25 May to 3 June 2018, the inaugural 100 and 100 More Festival brings together the best of children’s production from all over the world.

Here are our top 5 picks!

#1 Snigel & Friends – For babies 0 to 12 months old

The Artground - Snigel & Friends

Why watch it: An inviting new work by Caroline Bowditch and Company, a leading dance artist who has a disability from the United Kingdom, the very young audiences are welcome to the cozy home of Snigel the snail; a sensory world filled with colours and sounds.

Read our interview with Caroline Bowditch, on her inspiration and process behind creating the show.

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#2 Into The Blue Forest – For 4 to 8 year olds

The Artground - Theatre Festival for Babies and Kids Into The Blue Forest

Why watch it: How does a green tree stand out in a busy green forest? Inspired by the drawings by Italian Theatre Practioner Dario Moretti, this interactive performance involves children to participate and play in different roles as they embark a journey of friendship and help the green tree achieve its dream.

Pre/Post show workshop: Make your own Spirit Plant/Tree

For more show info or to buy tickets, click here.

#3 Especially on Birthdays – For 4 to 78 year olds

100 and 100 more Theatre Festival For Babies And Children Especially on Birthdays

Why watch it: How does it feel to have to share everything with a sibling, including your birthday? This intimate and interactive visual-theatre experience takes children on a journey to explore the themes of friendship, play, giving, receiving, sharing, forgiving and understanding.

Pre/Post show workshop: Make your own Birthday or Friendship card

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#4 Hans Christian, You Must Be An Angel – For 9 years and up

100 and 100 more Theatre Festival For Babies And Children - You Must Be An Angel

Why watch it: Why is it important for human beings to be seen and be loved? In a unique set design, audiences get to witness a birthday party for twenty one different characters, each with his and her own peculiar personalities, as created by famed children’s author Hans Christian Andersen.

But the spotlight is not on them, but on the two waiters serving them and meeting their needs.

This show invites you to take a look at the little things in life that we often pass by every day in a different light.

Pre/Post show workshop: Craft your Spirit Plant/Tree!

For more show info, click here.

#5 Puno (Letters To The Sky)For 7 years and up

100 and 100 more Theatre Festival For Babies And Children Puno Letters to the Sky

Why watch it: Separation, grief and sorrow are heavy topics to talk about with children. How can we explain to children the concept of loss and death? Puno tells the story of Tala, a little girl trying to cope with the departure of her beloved father, Puno.

To help her cope with her feelings of anger and sadness, she decides to write her feelings towards her father in a letter, although she knows it will never be sent… Until she makes a surprising discovery.

As part of the show, children will be encouraged to write and send their own “letters to the sky”.

Pre/Post show workshop: A Wish Cloud Mobile

For more show info, click here.

An Inclusive And Accessible Space For All Babies And Children In Singapore

Children with special needs or physical disabilities can now enjoy theatre performances, thanks to the 100 and 100 More Festival.

The venue of the Festival (the Artground located at Goodman Arts Centre) was designed to ensure that their progammes are accessible to children of all abilities and needs. For example, the environment has been made to accommodate visitors on wheelchairs.

The Artground Inclusive space for children with special needs

If you’re worried your child won’t enjoy the performance because they don’t speak English and are too young to understand spoken language, that’s fine because most of the festival’s productions use non-verbal narratives.

This allows young audiences to understand and enjoy the performance, and caters to a wider community of children who may speak different languages.

Other Baby Programmes To Check Out

The Artground has also presented other works for babies in the past, and are in the midst of developing more local works for babies as part of their incubation efforts.

Past events include Baby Yoga classes, Baby Beat and most notable, Baby Space, which was featured on The Straits Times. Baby Space will be returning in October, so join their mailing list or Facebook page for more updates!

Baby Space The Artground

It’s time to re-imagine what theatre for young audiences can be.

Join in the conversations via Facebook and Instagram @TheArtground with the hashtag #100and100more. The Artground is located at Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road, Block J, #01-40.

For more info on the festival, visit

About The Artground

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