Besides maintaining a proper daily dental routine, issues such as malocclusion or misalignment are not to be slighted. These conditions are usually hereditary and may result in an improper bite.

child with overcrowded teeth

Common causes of malocclusion are differences in size between the upper and lower jaws or discrepancies between jaw and tooth size. This can result in overcrowding, spacing, or abnormal bite patterns. The shape of jaws, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and birth defects may also contribute to this condition.

Whatever the cause may be, malocclusion is not an issue to be left untreated, especially given that bite correction can be more complex and take longer to treat in adults than in children.

By the age of 10 – 12, most children will have all their adult teeth, with the exception of third molars (wisdom teeth), making this stage the defining years of teeth development.

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When faced with malocclusion, most parents tend to turn to traditional braces as a solution. While this may be effective, there are alternative treatment options available.

An Alternative to Braces: Teeth Aligners

Over the years, developments in the orthodontic industry have allowed for alternatives to braces that are equally effective at straightening teeth – clear aligners. This new alternative to braces uses a series of clear, removable aligners that are worn during the day and night to help move teeth into correct alignment.

teeth aligner

Clear aligners consist of smooth, comfortable plastic that allows for virtually invisible teeth-straightening treatment. Without the risk of metal bands and wires, parents can be assured that their children will not suffer from the occasional bruises and bleeding that may arise from the metal bits getting caught in gums or cheeks.

Clear aligners also offer hygienic benefits in comparison to braces. The aligners may be removed whenever required, allowing for normal brushing and flossing, and more easily allowing patients to maintain better periodontal health. Furthermore, the aligners may be removed prior to eating, so your children will not need to skip out on their favourite foods without having to worry about food debris and particles getting embedded in the device. Keeping your aligners clean is also made easier as they can be removed for cleaning anytime, anywhere.

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Armed with the knowledge of the different teeth-straightening options, you can determine the most suitable option to ensure that your child has a confident smile.

Cleanliness, comfort, and confidence – the very building blocks of a healthy, beautiful smile!

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