Tolerance is an important value to impart in children. It is accepting people for who and what they are, and treating your people the way you want them to treat you. Teaching tolerance also helps to prepare your child to flourish in a world of diverse connections and interrelationships.

teaching tolerance to children

Parents can teach their children tolerance through the following means:

• Modeling

Let your children learn and understand respect and social skills through your interactions with other people. Be sensitive to cultural stereotypes. Your treatment to others like your neighbors and friends will be embedded in their minds. Whatever you do, children will perceive them as the right thing to do.

• Be aware of your manners when conversing with people

Children are good listeners. They pick up the way we speak and the words we use with others.

• Media Influences

Be selective with the types of books, music, toys, art and videos that you choose for your children. Choose mediums which are culturally sensitive and unbiased. Media is a powerful medium which can influence children’s minds in subtle yet profound ways.

• Respecting and tolerance which other starts at home

Respect and acknowledge differences as you begin inside your home. Let your children respect others by understanding differences in styles, interests and capabilities. Teach them to value the uniqueness of people.

• Make time for more socializing opportunities

Limit the usage of technology gadgets, and allocate time for your children to engage in activities which involve interacting with peers of their same age or older children. Playing and working with others will help them understand who they are and what makes them special. They will also begin to see the difference and uniqueness in each person.

• Embrace friends of other religion and culture

Explore festive celebrations that are not part of your tradition or culture. This will open your children’s mind to other people’s way of lives.

• Appreciating their own individuality

Help your children appreciate their own talents and traits. In turn, this will help them in appreciating others.

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