Handy and convenient, strollers are one of the first items parents get when they are expecting.

With so many strollers in all shapes and sizes, are all strollers suitable for newborns? How do we determine what’s the best stroller for our newborn?

newborn stroller Combi SugocalA newborn sleeping in a stroller seat

First, let’s check out what are the types of strollers available.

What Type of Strollers Are You Looking For

What you want Stroller Type Benefits Downsides
A stroller that grows with your baby Convertible Long usage and multi-faceted Complex to use, heavy and expensive
A stroller that is easy to lift and fold Light weight / Compact Stroller Suitable for travelling and easy to carry around May not have full reclining seat, may lack sufficient back support
A stroller that you can jog with Jogging Stroller / All Terrain Stroller Superior maneuverability and smooth ride Heavy and bulky, air-filled tires can puncture.
A stroller for twins or for two kids around the same age Double Stroller Sturdy and cost-effective (cheaper to buy one double stroller than two single strollers) Wider or longer, harder to manoeuvre
A stroller that can be also used as a car seat Car Seat Stroller Combo / Travel System Long life span and functional for parents who drive Bulky and big, hard to keep and store

Now that you know the different types of strollers on the market, the next thing to consider is how long until your baby can use a stroller?

When Can My Newborn Use A Stroller

If you’re planning to get a stroller for your newborn, it is best to find a stroller that can fully recline. This is because newborns can’t sit up or hold up their heads without additional support, according to Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research.

Strollers for newborns must also be sturdy and stable. Any sudden movements might rattle them as they are still small and fragile. The new Sugocal Compact by Combi is specially designed for babies 1 month to approximately 3 years old (15kg). It’s ultra-safe and stable thanks to its all-round suspension system and triple shock protection features.

Strollers for newborn Combi SugocalPicture of newborn in a stroller illustrating three protective features

  1. Ultra-shock absorbent Eggshock head pad provides the necessary protection for a newborn’s head
  2. Full-length Eggshock 3D cushion helps disperse impact on your baby’s head, back and hip
  3. Air suspension in the wheels absorb road vibration

Look forward to any outing trips with a peace of mind, knowing that your baby is well protected.

In a nutshell, strollers that can fully recline – suitable for newborns. Strollers that cannot fully recline – suitable for babies who have demonstrated consistent head control.

There is no fixed age as to when your baby is ready to use a stroller as every baby develops at a different pace. There is also no fixed age to when a child is too old to use a stroller. Every child is unique. Use your judgment and when in doubt, always seek your doctor’s advice.

Who Will Be Using Stroller The Most

Combi Sugocal lightweight strollerA lady pushing a navy stroller and looking at her baby

The most important thing when it comes to getting a stroller for your newborn is to ensure that it suits your lifestyle. Think about your caregiving routine or your home routine when you return to work.

Keep these points in mind:

  • Who will be using the stroller the most?
  • Who are the other parties that might be using the stroller?

The stroller is not just for your baby, but it is for you too. If you are planning to be a stay-at-home-mum, you will probably use the stroller more than your spouse. Or it could be your in-laws or parents, who will be the secondary users as they help care for your baby.

Quick Tip: Look out for any adjustable features in the stroller that allows you to cater to different users. For example, if your parents, spouse, or domestic helper will be using the stroller, a handle adjuster will be super useful as you can adjust it to cater to different heights.

Why Your Lifestyle Matters To What Stroller To Get

Are you planning to be a full-time mum for a few years and picture yourself running errands alone with your baby? The Sugocal Compact is your best bet.

Weighing at only 5.1 kg, it is lightweight and easy to move along roads and pavements. With the auto-4-swivel wheels, you can lock the front wheels so that the back stroller wheels turn smoothly no matter which direction you push.

The one touch mechanics enables you to fold and open the stroller in one swift motion, all with just one hand! The stroller also has a carry strap designed for easier lifting and carrying.

lightweight strollers for newborn Combi SugocalA lady carrying a lightweight stroller up a flight of stairs with one arm

What do you like to do during the weekends? Are you a nature-loving family who loves to head outdoors? You may want to look for a stable all-terrain stroller with a large canopy, like the Sugocal Compact by Combi.

It comes with an extra-large square canopy, providing full body coverage from the sun and more spacious inner headroom for improved ventilation keeping your newborn cool in Singapore’s heat.

lightweight strollers for infant Combi SugocalPicture showing a large stroller canopy and extra headroom space

Other considerations:

What is your main mode of transport? Do you travel by Grab, taxi, bus or train?

If your family drives or uses Grab frequently, think of a compact stroller that can fold and open easily so it fits into any car boot. If you travel using public transport, think of a lightweight stroller that’s easy to lift and carry down the bus.

Stroller Safety: Keeping Baby Safe In A Stroller

Once you’ve found the stroller for your newborn, here are final points to avoid any stroller accidents:

  • Do not leave your baby alone and unattended in the stroller
  • When putting your newborn in a stroller, ensure they are positioned correctly
  • Always buckle your baby up no matter how short the travelling time or distance
  • Use the lift when you are travelling with a baby in a stroller, do not use the escalator
  • Use the stroller brakes whenever you need to stop the stroller
  • Do not park the stroller on a slope
  • If there are hanging toys on the stroller bar, check that the toys are securely attached
  • Avoid letting your baby’s stroller sit in the sun for long periods of time
  • Make sure the stroller is locked open before you put baby in it
  • Look out for any recalls on the brand and model
  • Ask for help if you’re alone and lifting your stroller onto trains or buses
  • Watch out for older siblings trying to climb on the stroller as this can make the stroller tip over

Combi: Your Extra Helping Hands

For over 60 years, Combi commits to be your helping hands from home to public spaces. The heart of caring and the attention to detail is in the blood of Combi’s culture.

No matter where you are, when you need a hand, Combi is with you.

Where to find Combi Sugocal Compact Stroller: Online at Lazada or Shopee

For more information on Combi products, visit Combi Singapore Facebook or combi.com.sg.

Founded in 1957, Combi has been manufacturing baby products for over 60 years. Combi’s mission is to be your helping hands, assisting parents in bringing up their babies by developing and providing quality products and services.

This post is brought to you by Combi Singapore.

By Michelle Ang.

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