This Mother’s Day, TNAP spoke to three special mothers, Esther Lim, Eileen Yeo, and Julia Gabriel. They share with us on the invaluable lessons their mothers have taught them.

Mummy #2: Eileen Yeo, Executive Director, Da Little School

Eileen Yeo and her mother

While battling for cancer for over 2 years, my mummy was always smiling and positive even during chemotherapy. She never once complained and lament about her life. In fact, she felt blessed that she had me, her only child, with her all the time, accompanying her to all her doctors’ visits and caring for all her needs.

From my mummy, I learnt

  1. How to be a caring and loving mother because that was how I grew up with, showered with loads of unconditional love.
  2. Communication is key; always talk to your children and be their best friend.
  3. Everyone is able to achieve great things, as long as they put in their heart and mind to it.

The questions listed below are really what touches my heart, and even till this day, I will still tear whenever I think of my mummy.

Lesson #1: What my mother taught me when I was a child

To always be happy and be respectful of others.

Lesson #2: What my mother taught me in my teenage years

To be accountable of my decisions and treat her as my best friend.

Lesson #3: What my mother taught me about men/marrying the right partner

Choose a man who is able to take care of me and the family, it should not be about the looks or wealth.

Lesson #4: What my mother taught me about being a mother

Love my child unconditionally like how she loves me.

Lesson #5: What my mother taught me about life

Life is an amazing journey, staying positive and being happy will help tide you through difficult times.

Eileen Yeo, Da Little School Singapore

Looking at the photos, you will see that she’s full of smiles and always so happy even though she’s going through a lot of pain and discomfort. Most people that I know of will not even go for the second chemotherapy treatment after the first treatment failed. My mummy was such a fighter and a true inspiration to me. Although she eventually succumb to cancer, her teachings and legacy lives on in my heart.

Eileen Yeo, Executive Director of the leading kids arts school, Da Little School. Her passion to provide stimulating learning experiences through creativity and the arts lead her students at Da Little School to put up gala performances at the Esplanade and create major 3D art installation at the Singapore Arts Festival. Standing by her mantra, and how she was brought up as a happy kid, she believes that kids learn best when they are having fun. As a mother to two cheery daughters, she simply enjoys spending quality fun time with them.

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