Make a guess: What is the ‘germiest’ item in your household?

If your guess was the kitchen sponge, Bingo! According to The Finnish/Bosch Kitchen Hygeine Study, 88% of sponges tested were found to contain Salmonella and/or E. coli. Furthermore, 72% of participants use the same kitchen sponge to wash their dishes, utensils and other surfaces such as the kitchen sinks, counter tops, cutting boards and stoves – which could result in cross-contamination, a common cause for food-borne illness.

The study also found majority of Singaporeans do not use hot water to rinse their dishes. None of the homes surveyed used a dishwasher, or hot water to rinse their dishes and only one in 25 households surveyed used hot soapy water to disinfect the chopping board after use. Hot water is actually necessary to kill bacteria. Studies have proven that using a dishwasher can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria, due to high water pressure and water temperatures as well as the powerful cleaning agents found.

Here are some products to help you keep those germs and bacteria at bay!

bosch-activewater-eco2BOSCH ActiveWater Eco2, $2,499

Holding the World record holder in water and energy efficiencies, this dishwasher consumes only 6.5 litres thanks to the resource-saving water management system. It also has the lowest energy consumption of all time in the normal programme. The hygiene option removes 99.9% of all bacteria and germs through increased rinsing time. An additional heating period is started during the cleaning phase no matter which washing programme is selected. This is especially beneficial for cleaning containers and utensils such as baby bottles or kitchen cutting boards.

Available at all BOSCH leading retail outlets from July 2012

idocare dishwashing liquidIDOCARE Concentrated Dishwashing liquid, $6.95

The 500ml bottle is actually worth 2500ml (2.5L), as the product is made to be diluted with 5 equal parts of water. Gentle on your hands yet effective, our IDOCARE Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid effectively cuts through the toughest stain and grease. It also has a balanced PH and natural ingredients make it safer for your family and the environment.

Available at IDOCARE,

Scotch-Brite Anti-bacterial SpongeScotch-Brite Anti-bacterial Sponge, $3.45

Able to absorb 12 times its weight in water, the Scotch-Brite® Anti-Bacterial sponges make soaking up spills a breeze. Tough, strong and versatile, these sponges are ideal for wiping and cleaning all sorts of household items and appliances. They’re also anti-bacterial, helping you keep your sponges smelling fresher for longer. Suitable for cleaning ovens and microwaves.

Available at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets as well as DIY stores.

Have any cleaning products to recommend? Feel free leave your comments below!

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