Hari Raya Light Up 2016 deepens our Kampung Spirit with more interactive displays for the public

From 4 June 2016, get ready to be immersed in the much-awaited dazzling display of lights and colours at the iconic Geylang Serai as we usher in Ramadan and Hari Raya Aidilfitri with the Hari Raya Light Up 2016. This year’s month-long Hari Raya Light Up which will start from 7pm, includes more interactive displays that everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, is invited to partake in.

Hari Raya Light Up 2016 Main Arc

Deepening Our Kampung Spirit
Themed “Deepening our Kampung Spirit”, this year’s Hari Raya Light Up aims to continue to harness and deepen the kampung spirit of the community from last year’s theme of “Reliving the Kampung Spirit”. An opportunity for Muslims and non-Muslims to strengthen their interfaith understanding, the Hari Raya Light Up enables the public to celebrate together in Singapore’s multi-cultural society as well as our visitors to understand the elements that make up the true meaning of Islam.

Batik design theme for Hari Raya Light Up 2016
The Hari Raya Light Up is designed to continue bringing key elements of the kampung days to life with an overall design theme of Batik this year. The Light Up is inspired by the evolution of batik designs over the years with traditional and modern motif influences. The weave motif is also highlighted in many of the Light Up features to symbolise the close-knit community of the Malay community and the concept of unity with Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Geylang Serai 2016 Interactive Area Kampung House

Our Kampung Spirit Facebook Page
Last year’s “Our Kampung Spirit” page saw two social media characters on its Facebook page – Nurul, a young Muslim woman, and her mother, Hamidah. Through Nurul’s journey of playing a bigger role as a young woman in the family during Ramadan and beyond, the public can learn more about the everyday practices and lives of Muslims. This year, the public can look forward to additional characters as Nurul and Mdm Hamidah are joined by their neighbours and friends!

Members of the public are invited to join the weekly weekend performances including Dikir Barat, Silat, and Gamelan performances from Fridays to Sundays in the month of June at the Kampung House. The public are also welcomed to join the celebrations of the official launch of Hari Raya Light Up on Saturday, 4 June 2016 at 8pm at the former Malay Village, the open space adjacent to Engku Aman Road. Singaporean singer-songwriter Sufie Rashid, the first Singaporean to win Malaysia Singing reality television show called Akademi Fantasia, will be performing at the event. For more details on the month-long Hari Raya Light Up and its weekly weekend activities, please visit the Facebook page, Our Kampung Spirit, www.facebook.com/ourkampungspiritsg.

Hari Raya Lightup 2016 Interactive Area Malay Gong

Photo Credit: Hari Raya Light Up

Hari Raya Light Up Designs

  • Batik & Pelikat: Batik is the overall theme for this year’s Hari Raya Light Up. With origins and connections throughout the Malay Archipelago, Batik is a popular textile that is commonly in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. One can find Batik as well as Pelikat, which is a fabric used for sarong, in almost every Malay household.
  • The Weave Motif: These patterns were inspired by the tessellations of patterns seen in basketry – a popular activity interwoven by the Malay people in the past. They were made into baskets, to mats and food covers. The Weave also symbolises a close-knit community which ties back to the theme of “Deepening our Kampung Spirit” and the concept of unity.
  • Motifs: The Malay artistry and creativity were often reflected in the architecture and interior decoration of their homes. Motifs featured in these carvings were drawn from images of plants and flowers. Examples include Bunga Melati/Melur (Jasmine) or Bunga Cengkih (Cloves).
  • Door Crown and Tessellations: A door crown or “pemeleh pintu” in Malay adds grandeur to the main frame of the door that is often used in wood cravings and decorated borders that frame Quranic verses. Symmetrical tessellation is a technique used.
  • Symbols of Islam: The architecture features a crescent and a moon – symbols of Islam everywhere around the world as Hari Raya is deeply rooted in religion. The moon is also part of the interactive displays this year.
  • Phrases on the Light Up: “Eid Mubarak” and “Salam Aidilfitri” are popular greetings exchanged during Hari Raya, while “Berbudi Bahasa” aims to remind the public to be mindful of their manners when interacting with one another during this festive season.
  • Interactive Displays: The kampung-style Pavilion takes inspiration from traditional long kampung houses where it serves as a central meeting point for families and friends to come together for meals and more. At the pavilion, there are also lampu colok or lights, used as a sign of celebration in the past. The Malay “Gong” was previously used as a prayer call in the past to unite people while the moon represents a symbol of Islam.

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