As parents, we take pride in our children’s ability to express themselves. Children who are able to talk out their emotions and thoughts are often viewed as smart, intelligent and confident.

teaching children right time to talk

Whenever children speak up, we begin creating in our imaginations how good they could become in the future. But it is not always advisable that parents should allow talking back or speaking up all the time.

There is a time for everything and children should know when to say something. Distinct situations call for distinct actions. Children who know when the appropriate time to say something is being courteous and sensitive to others around them.

Children should speak when:

In times of danger

Talking in times of danger could mean two things: whether to get someone in trouble or to get someone out of trouble. Teach children that crucial situations that are life-threatening or injurious to them and to others around them call for speaking out. Let children communicate dangerous situations quickly and accurately.

When asked

Children should answer correctly when asked. Being asked is the best time to give an answer. Let them understand that belonging to a conversation is the best reason for talking. When not involved, then they should keep quiet and wait for their moment to speak.

right time to talk

Violated Personal Space

Children can speak up when they think that their personal situation has interfered improper touches into body parts should be spoken about so that they could protect themselves against threatening situations.

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They don’t want something

Being forced to something they don’t want to do is a good tie to talk. Encourage children to explain why they don’t like the thing and what they want instead. Listen but be careful with granting children what they want. In excess, you might be honing a brat in the future.

They want something

There is nothing wrong with expressing what they want. This could save parents from a lot of guesswork. This could also prevent instances of misunderstanding and feud.

They need help

Children should always ask for assistance if they don’t know anything about a situation. This could drive accidents away from them and could even help them accomplish their tasks efficiently.

Words have always been a powerful medium of communication. Using words at the right time and the right place for the right person would develop a sensitive, respectful and courteous child.

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