For skincare formulated by the crème de la crème of the beauty industry, enter NOREL Dr Wilsz, a Polish skincare brand that develops and manufactures products and treatments in collaboration with top bio-scientists and dermatology and cosmetology experts.

As a producer of Polish cosmetics, NOREL Dr Wilsz also infuses a range of raw materials of Polish origins in its formulations.

Currently, the brand is the only company in Poland that uses Polish Peat Mud in the cosmetic production of its ready-to-use masks. Peat Mud is a unique, black healing earth that has excellent detoxifying properties. It also comprises of valuable biologically active humic acids and bitumens which have estrogenic and powerful anti-aging effects.

As part of its launch in Singapore, NOREL Dr Wilsz is proud to unveil its signature “Seven Wonders” Cocktail Serums that have been specially designed and concocted to target different skin types.

NOREL Dr Wilsz Seven Wonders Cocktail Serum

1. Wrinkle Correction Cocktail with Amino Peptides

For all types of mature skin over the age of 45

This wrinkle correction cocktail firms, hydrates and rejuvenates dull, wrinkled skin by adding moisture and strengthening skin’s intercellular communications. Renewed skin feels more compact and healthy-looking.

2. Energizing Cocktail with Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins

For tired skin with signs of aging and devoid of freshness and radiance

This cocktail is enriched with Vitamins A, B, C and E, and helps to renew and strengthen troubled skin that faces premature aging. It supports collagen synthesis and offers an illuminated, radiant glow to tired-looking skin.

3. Whitening Cocktail with Tetrapeptide-30 and Melavoid™

For complexions with discolouration from post-acne that arises with age, excessive sunbathing or hormonal changes

Infused with “intelligent depigmentation” ingredient Melavoid™, this Whitening Cocktail works on pigmentation on both superficial and deeper skin layers. Tetrapeptide-30, on the other hand, blocks melanocyte activation and corrects yellowish skin tone within weeks! Together with Vitamin C and white mulberry, this cocktail essentially inhibits the build-up of pigmentation on the outer layer of the skin.

4. Moisturizing Cocktail with Hyaluronic Acid and Trehalose

For all types of skin, especially dry and dehydrated skin

Designed to combat dry skin, or for those in air-conditioned environments for extended periods of time, this moisturising cocktail eliminates roughness, prevents skin irritations and reduces superficial winkles.

5. Cocktail for Couperose Skin with Vitamin C and Rutin

For couperose skin and skin in the early phase of rosacea

This product is largely beneficial for suppressing inflammation and reducing spider veins, redness and swelling, which may lead to pigmentation in the long run. Capillaries are strengthened and skin is protected from free radicals and characteristic changes due to UV exposure.

6. Cocktail for Acne Skin with Birch and Willow Bark Extracts

For oily, seborrhoeic and acne skin

The absolute solution to problematic, oily and acne-prone skin, this product contains natural plant extracts and repairs skin with a smoothing effect. Not only does this product help to control bacteria, it also reduces sebum and blackheads. Highly recommended for healing pustules, refining enlarged pores and lightening post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

7. Cocktail for Rosacea Skin with Vitamin PP and Mimosa Extract

For couperose skin and skin in the first and second phase of rosacea

Incorporated with natural flower extracts, this cocktail serum aids in reducing inflammation, swelling, flushing and redness of skin. It also provides relief to hot and burning skin by calming and replenishing moisture. This is also suitable for those suffering from rosacea due to hormonal changes during ageing.


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NOREL Dr Wilsz Now Available In Singapore

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Norel Dr Wilsz’s signature treatment, featuring Polish Peat Mud, a unique, black healing earth that has excellent detoxifying and anti-ageing properties.

Prior to the session, a skin consultation will be conducted by Annabelle Skin’s dedicated therapists who will assess your skin condition before customising the treatment cocktails to correct skin imperfections.

  • 1 x Norel Dr Wilsz “Sever Wonders” Cocktail Serum (worth $89 to $98)

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