The season of treat or trick beckons – and anticipation is riding high at Downtown East as it counts down to October
that will be brimming with festive excitement.

Downtown East Halloween Yokai Festival 2023

Whether you are a hipster, avid cam snapper or dad and mom with kids in toll, you’ll love the thrilling Halloween experiences: the signature family-friendly Yokai Festival (with a lit Yokai Parade on Oct 28) and the pretty rad youth-centric Halloween Scream Fest (Oct 26 – 29) – both awesomely curated for true blue excitement-seekers. And it’s going to be a real treat! From the whimsical realm of Japanese folklore to the hair-raising, immersive and interactive haunted house experience, Downtown East will unleash a spooky yet entertaining Halloween month for visitors of all ages.

So mark your calendar, muster up your courage, and embark on an unforgettable Halloween journey at Downtown East!


Marking its triumphant return in October, Downtown East’s anticipated annual event, Halloween Town: Yokai Festival 2023 is set to immerse all in an otherworldly experience once again, with its unique blend of supernatural allure and family-friendly fun.

Halloween Yokai Festival 2023 Downtown East

Originating from age-old Japanese mythology, Yokai – supernatural beings ranging from playful to eerie – take center stage as performers at the enthralling festival, while enthusiasts converge for a spellbinding celebration. With captivating installations, weekend hands-on kids’ colouring contests, thrilling blaster gun battles, as well as spine-tingling performances amidst a spirited Yokai parade, Downtown East’s signature event invites visitors of all ages to wander its enchanted grounds and revel in the magic of Halloween together.

Yokai Parade

📅 28 Oct 2023
⏰ 7.30 – 9.30pm
📍 Starting Point: Event Square

As twilight descends, a breathtaking Yokai Parade kicks off at 7.30pm at Downtown East Event Square. The first 30 attendees to register for the walkabout on UPlay will receive coveted Yokai lanterns to flaunt at the parade, which will illuminate the night with an ethereal glow.

Leading the march is Kandy Onna, who beckons participants to join her in locating and restoring fellow innocent Yokais that have been corrupted by the Evil Clown.

Behold! Spot half-faced magician Kage displaying his sinister magic tricks; catch Shin (contortionist) with her unnerving shape-shifting movements; and awe at The Flames of Yokai (Koen, Demono, and Naraen) at their bewitching fiery dance.

Learn more about these Yokais and what the Evil Clown has done to them on the next page.

Attractive prizes worth up to $100 also await the best-dressed, best-designed mask and best overall outfit (mask + costume), giving festival-goers the chance to showcase their most spooktacular attire and crafty mask creations inspired by the Yokai theme.

Spend, Redeem and Design your Yokai Mask

📅 1 to 28 Oct 2023, while stocks last

Design your very own mask: Redeem your free Yokai mask and painting kit at Downtown East from Oct 1 to 28 while stocks last, with a minimum spend of $30 for NTUC Members or $50 for Link Members.

Yokai ShootOut

📅 28 Oct 2023
⏰ 3pm – 6pm
📍 Begonia Terrace

For those seeking thrilling challenges, the Begonia Terrace will transform into an exhilarating battleground from 3 to 6pm on Oct 28, hosting the spirited blaster gun fights that pits ‘Humans vs Yokais’. Armed with foam dart blasters, participants can engage in an epic showdown where they face off evil Yokais in a friendly dart-firing battle, creating unforgettable memories of both camaraderie and competition. In this captivating battle of wits and reflexes, each participant starts with two ‘souls’ (symbolising their lives in the game), with the objective to cross over to the opposing side of the battleground without falling victim to the dart blasters wielded by their opponents.

Every time a dart finds its mark, a ‘soul’ is forfeited. The stakes are high as contenders strategise, dodge, and unleash foam darts in an attempt to outwit their adversaries and safeguard their ‘souls’, as victory demands not only sharpshooting skills but also quick thinking, teamwork, and an adventurous spirit. Don’t miss your chance to test your mettle, reclaim your ‘souls,’ and become a part of the extraordinary adventure at Downtown East’s Yokai Festival!

Register on UPlay to gain priority queue access, or simply walk-in on event day to participate for FREE on a first-come-first-served basis!

Yokai Coloring Contest

📅 Weekends in October
⏰ 3pm – 7pm
📍 Event Square

The little ones can unleash their inner artist and join the Yokai Coloring Contest that will be happening over all weekends in October, where they can colour their interpretations of Yokai spirits. Two standout masterpieces that capture the essence of Yokai lore will be selected every week to win $20 Downtown East vouchers!

Yokai Photo Ops

📅 1 – 31 Oct 2023
📍 Event Square | Sun Paradise

Immersive Yokai inspired installations invite festival-goers to step into the heart of the supernatural realm and capture moments of magic that transcend time.

Beyond a visual spectacle, the fascinating Walk-Through Portal – a highlight this year – draws attendees to step into a gateway illuminated with monster eyes. As participants traverse this portal, they are enveloped in an otherworldly glow, creating a befitting backdrop for memorable snapshots.

The festival also boasts a series of interactive settings, such as larger-than-life Yokai standees that prompt playful interaction – where everyone can have their best attempt at cheeky and comical poses as they snap away with their cameras.

These Yokai photo ops not only serve as picture-perfect memories of the festival but also offer a chance for participants to step into the folklore they adore.

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