Overturned soup bowls, pieces of peas, carrots or rice on the floor, a bib full of food sauce. Most mothers can say that training a toddler use a spoon and feed himself is no easy feat.

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Tip #1: One tip to consider is to start your child off with a bowl that can be attached to your baby’s high chair or table. You can try using a suctions pad for this. This will help to keep your floors food-free and ensure that most of the food stays on your baby’s table.

Tip #2: Another useful tip to your child’s self-feeding journey is to get the right eating tools. While some baby cutlery may look really cute or fancy, more importantly, can your baby hold and handle it well? The baby cutlery set should be bigger and broader, designed to suit your baby’s small fingers and hands. There should also be extra handles on the sides of bowls and cups to help with your baby’s grip.

Tip #3: It’s never too late to start them young. Do not put a spoon and fork in front of your child and expect him to know which to use. Pass your child the right cutlery for the right food job. For example, use a fork to spear chunks of food, and a spoon when eating porridge or rice.

Tip #4: One final tip – Little hands grab fast! Remember to keep any sharp items or scissors you used while preparing your baby’s food away from his reach.

Getting proper children’s cutlery set is the stepping stone to your tot’s road to independent feeding. The Growing Up Set comes complete with all necessary cutlery needed when weaning begins.

Made from PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) which is extracted from corn starch, Mother’s Corn cutlery is stronger than conventional plastics and possesses no harm to the environment. One of the first corn-made containers to survive heat exposure in the microwave oven, you can now reheat your baby’s food in the microwave oven.

The Baby Cutlery Set comes with a feeding spoon, bowl, 4 way snack cup, meal plate, self training spoon & fork and training cup.

This article was first published in The New Age Parents e-magazine.

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