Rosabel Yip, an early childhood educator shares with TNAP her heartwarming story and joy of being a pre-school teacher.

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What made you teach and what kept you going?

Ever since I started teaching career, I realized that I have surprises every day from the children. That is the drive that makes me enjoy so much being with them.

Recently I have two new young children transferred to my class. I am stressed up coping with new and old children at the same time. I need to spend more time with the new children in order for them to catch up with the curriculum. However, I can’t ignore the old children to push them up to a new level. The transition period is really stressed and challenging. Despite curriculum, I am also challenged to normalize the new children in the area as soon as possible.

When we put in what we have for the children, we can see tremendous progress of development within the children themselves. They also learn to be responsible not only to themselves but also to the people around them. The most touching moments in my teaching would be seeing how the children show their care towards their teacher as well.

Do you agree that children are sensitive towards their surrounding?

I guess my expression showed that I am stressed or this little girl felt my tense, she came to sit beside me that day. I was guiding a child in her reading. Suddenly I felt someone hitting my shoulders and back softly. I turned to see who that was. She stopped as she was afraid that I might not like it. She quickly said, “I massage my mommy like this at home too!” I was so touched and grateful that she tried to give me a massage to help me feel good.

The intention is so heartwarming. Her action is so thoughtful.

The act might be little and simple but it is definitely powerful. Her little act has left footprint in my heart that many of us has forgotten to be nice to others due to our busy lifestyles. She reminds us that we need to be nice to the people around us. Be generous with our good intention and good act to bring joy to others. If every one of us is doing a little bit extra to each other, this world will be a better place to live. I am thankful to be able to spend time with children.

Rosabel Yip is a passionate Montessori educator in Early Childhood Development. The first 6 years are the most important years for a child to build a strong foundation of their approach to adult life in future & encourages adults to prepare a right environment to nurture their child with love and patience.

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