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The idea of a online parenting magazine was formed in 2006 when I had my first child Ashton and decided to be a Stay At Home Mother (SAHM).

In the process of bringing up Ashton, I faced many questions on parenting, child care, education, health being, bonding, toys etc and actively did my own research through books, magazines, friends, relatives and of course the internet.

After the birth of my daughter, Ashlyn, I began to receive many questions from friends and relatives who are first time parents (when you have more than one child, people will sort of assumed you are an expert). Having read up quite abit, I was able to answer many their questions. Even when I have no answers, I make it a point to find out for them as I was interested to find out too.

It was when things started getting out of hand when I had more and more queries and many are rather similar that I decided that maybe I should just log down whatever I knew.

This was to be the birth of my third baby – my parenting blog : The New Age Parents.  The website is

As the readership of The New Age Parents grew, my dreams of a magazine re-surfaced especially after reading about the Law of Attraction from the book “The Secret”.  This is the start of The New Age Parents and I also like to express my heart felt thanks Mr David and Little Neuro Tree for contributing when everything was still an idea and we have nothing to show. I am also grateful to all my contributors who took time and effort to offer articles, reviews, tips, photos and assistance, my heart feels so warm.

Last and not least, I would like to thank my family for all the support when the going gets tough especially my mother who helped to take care of Ashton and Ashlyn while I worked in MacDonald’s (using Wireless @Sg).

Elaine Lau
The New Age Parents

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