Looking for a meaningful workshop where your child will be equipped with the necessary communication skills to navigate and compete in a COVID-19 world? Sign them up for our PERSUASION AND ADVOCACY June Holiday workshops!

The Rhetoric Collective June Holiday Workshops

At The Rhetoric Collective, we understand that the ability to Connect, Convey, and Convince will be the 3 critical ways that your child will navigate their most important milestones in life, whether in academia, work, or even social situations.

With decades of experience coaching students from all walks of life to improve their day-to-day communication and excel in competition settings, the Rhetoric Collective founders firmly believe that with the right tools and training, anyone can communicate and anyone can debate.

Persuasion and Advocacy Week:

Workshop 1: Changemakers Workshop

  • 3-day workshop with each day focusing on a different discipline of Diplomacy, Journalism, and Law
  • Explore how the powers of persuasion and advocacy are used to create change in our selected disciplines
  • Sharpen your child’s critical thinking skills, writing ability, and develop their voice to reflect the differences presented in each of these arenas.
  • Day 1: Diplomacy and the Model United Nations
  • Day 2: Truth and Perspectives in Journalism
  • Day 3: Speaking with Conviction in Law

Workshop 2: Practical Debating Workshop

  • 2-day workshop focused on Practical Debating skills
  • Opportunity to deepen their skillset in an arena that is readily accessible to them at their age
  • Enter the world of competitive debating and learn about the formats, strategies, and skills so your child can explore further beyond the classroom
  • Beginners to debating welcome!

June Holiday Workshops The Rhetoric Collective

Dates and Ages:

7-9 June: Changemakers Workshop (13-17 years old)
10-11 June: Practical Debating Workshop (13-17 years old)
14-16 June: Changemakers Workshop (9-12 years old)
17-18 June: Practical Debating Workshop (9-12 years old)

All days of the workshops will run online from 2pm-6pm. Students may log on from 1:40pm.

Promotions and Registration:

Pair Promo: Sign up in a pair and enjoy discounted prices!

Learn more about our promotions and sign up at: www.therhetoriccollective.com

The Rhetoric Collective June Holiday Workshops 2021

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