Defence Collective Singapore (DCS) is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated re-opening of Singapore Navy Museum (SNM) following an extensive refresh of all its existing galleries. The momentous occasion was graced by Guest of Honour, Senior Minister of State for Defence, Mr. Heng Chee How.

Navy Museum Singapore

The refreshed museum will bring the visitor through Singapore’s maritime heritage, and highlight how the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) has grown together with our maritime nation, and the critical role it plays in keeping our waters safe and secure. During his address, SMS Heng highlighted, “This museum stands as a heartfelt and fitting tribute to the invaluable contributions of generations of men and women of the Singapore Navy. It also marks our continued commitment to modernising our naval capabilities to ensure mission success, come what may.”


The revitalised museum adopts the central theme of ‘Maritime Force for a Maritime Nation’, and showcases the RSN’s historical and contemporary milestones, set against the backdrop of Singapore’s development over the years. Visitors will be brought back in time to understand the importance of the seas to Singapore, and witness the evolution of the RSN, from its early days to the present, as well as a peek into the future. This immersive journey celebrates the heritage, ethos and unwavering spirit that have shaped the RSN’s enduring legacy.


Beyond a repository of artefacts, the three-storey museum sets out to tell the story of the RSN through the use of immersive video experiences, interactive panels and audio-visual showcases. With a diverse offering across both its indoor and outdoor galleries, naval enthusiasts and visitors alike can also look forward to an expanded collection of artefacts – from original weapons and fittings from the Navy’s early warships to historical documentation that charts the RSN’s progress over the years. Notably, the refreshed museum will feature an RSS Panglima exhibit that tells the story of the RSN’s first ship, as well as a submarine exhibit that will showcase equipment from the RSN’s Challenger-class submarine for the first time.

Singapore Navy Museum Outdoor ExhibitsFront of Singapore Navy Museum

Colonel Rinson Chua, Co-Chairman of the Navy Museum Refresh Committee shared, “When we were designing the refreshed museum, we wanted to go beyond simply displaying the various artefacts in our collection, but to also use them to tell the stories of our service personnel, both past and present. We hope that visitors to the refreshed museum will be able to better appreciate the role the RSN plays as the maritime force in defence of our maritime nation’s interests.”

Rosedini Binte Abdul Rahim, General Manager of Singapore Navy Museum expressed her vision for SNM, stating, “It is our aspiration to preserve and appreciate our maritime history and seafaring heritage, showcase rare artefacts while creating a unique and engaging experience for visitors to understand and learn more about the RSN and naval traditions. We aim to enrich and deepen visitor experience and engagement while promoting a sense of belonging and participation. We invite everyone to explore the Singapore Navy Museum!”

MMI Jan 2024


Even as the SNM pays homage to the RSN’s pioneers, it also tells the story of the enduring Navy Family Spirit – the ethos and values which have guided, and continue to guide, the people in the Navy across generations.


The SNM is thrilled to announce a line-up of captivating and immersive programmes that are set to provide participants with valuable educational experiences. From embarking on daring expeditions to unravelling the mysteries of the deep sea, these activities will offer participants a unique opportunity to delve into the rich history and fascinating world of the Navy.

Programmes Details
Captain’s Conquest Participants will embark on a daring quest to retrieve stolen treasures of the Navy and face off against a deadly mythical creative, the Kraken. They will gain a deeper understanding of the knowledge and expertise required by seafarers, both past and present.
Bravo Zulu! In this activity, participants will embark on an activity-based guided tour that takes them on a captivating journey through SNM. This educational and interactive experience offers a unique perspective on the challenges faced by RSN.
Silent Waters Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on activities, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of life aboard a submarine and the intricate workings of this silent yet lethal machine that plays a crucial role in defending Singapore.


Joseph Tan, Chief Executive, Defence Collective Singapore, said, “We are thrilled to commemorate the re-opening of the Singapore Navy Museum and celebrate the first service museum to be onboarded to the Defence Collective Singapore family. This momentous occasion signifies our commitment to preserving the rich heritage of the Singapore Navy, providing visitors with an opportunity to immerse themselves in stories that chronicle our Navy’s inception, triumphs, and resolute journey towards the future.”


Singapore Navy Museum Outdoor DisplaysSingapore Navy Museum Outdoor Model

The Outdoor Gallery proudly displays a collection of historic guns and weapon systems sourced from decommissioned ships such as the County-class Landing Ship Tank, B-class Patrol Vessel and Sea Wolf-class Missile Gunboat. These artefacts serve as tangible reminders of the Navy’s rich heritage. Additionally, the Museum features models of the missile, torpedo, and gun systems that are currently in active service.


Our Maritime History highlights the importance of the maritime domain and the corresponding need for a strong and capable Navy today.

Singapore Navy Museum Maritime HistoryRSS Panglima

Our Humble Beginnings showcases the growth and evolution of the RSN from two wooden boats to a well-respected modern force. Significant milestones and learning points are presented which reinforce the need for a modern navy that has grown together with our nation. Prominent artefacts within the collection include original artefacts from RSS Panglima, such as its helm, bell and propeller.

Singapore Navy Museum SNM Maritime HistoryThe Navy Crucible

Tunnel of Progress presents a compelling display of the progressive evolution of RSN ships over the years, reflecting the remarkable growth and advancement of the Navy.


Our Maritime Security highlights the efforts taken by the RSN to ensure that Singapore’s waters remain safe and secure.

Singapore Navy Museum Maritime SecurityOur Maritime Security

Striking Deeper, Higher and Further showcases the RSN’s capabilities and strengths through model missiles, videos and images. Notable artefacts include model missiles such as the Aster, the Harpoon, the A244S Torpedo and the Barak.

Singapore Navy Museum Republic Singapore NavyModel Missiles – Aster, the Harpoon, the A244S Torpedo

Nothing Stands in Our Way delves into the rich history of the Naval Diving Unit (NDU), and informs the visitor of its many roles and responsibilities as the RSN’s elite force.

Singapore Navy Museum Naval Diving Unit SDUNaval Diving Unit NDU

The Sound Tunnel introduces visitors to the complexities of maritime disputes and the role that the RSN plays in ensuring that Singapore’s maritime interests are preserved. The Sound Tunnel leads into a mock-up of a submarine’s interior, where visitors will be able to interact with actual equipment from the Challenger-class submarines, including the Sonar Console and the Manoeuvring Control Console.

Singapore Navy Museum Sound TunnelMaritime Disputes


Global Partnerships and Friendships highlights the important role of naval diplomacy and informs the visitor of the extensive links that the RSN has with other navies around the world. On display are gifts presented to the RSN from other navies and maritime agencies, a symbol of the RSN’s professional stature and commitment to maintaining strong relationships with other countries.

Singapore Navy Museum Changi Naval BaseGlobal Partnerships and Friendships

There are also other sections in level 3 that feature different aspects of the RSN’s role and values. One section explores the significance of the United Nations Convention for the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) in ensuring stability and encouraging peaceful resolution to disputes. Another area showcases the RSN’s Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) efforts, demonstrating the positive impact and support that the RSN has rendered during these operations. Lastly, a dedicated area is set up to highlight the personal stories of RSN servicemen and women who personify the enduring values and ethos of the RSN.

Photos credit: Singapore Navy Museum.

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📍 112 Tanah Merah Coast Road Singapore 498794 (Inside Changi Naval Base)
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