Speaking in front of a crowd or class can be just as intimidating for children as it is for adults! It is an important life skill to develop.

Looking for a public speaking course for your child? Here are our top picks for public speaking courses for kids in Singapore.

1. Stariffic

stariffic public speaking

With an understanding that every child has the ability to speak with confidence and conviction, the team at Starrific, Singapore’s first elite public speaking school, developed a curriculum that focuses on building confidence and technique, structure, and speech flow, as well as overall delivery and speech.

At Stariffic, you will find carefully curated lessons for different age ranges. Couple that with unique and time-tested methodologies like the S.T.A.R. Method, the O.M.G. Approach, and your child will be transformed into a confident and persuasive communicator in no time.

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Website: Stariffic.sg


2. Wonderlit

Wonderlit Speak Programme

Wonderlit implores parents to consider that eloquent speech is just a Speak programme away from your children. With Wonderlit, your children can invigorate the audience through well-planned, logical and meaningful speeches, be it conveying themselves or their thoughts to the wide and boisterous world before them.

If all of life’s a stage, why not put a spotlight on your child’s talent through Wonderlit’s Speak programme. With Wonderlit, they will gain the innate confidence to deliver their best performance under the spotlight of life.

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Website: wonderlitworld.com


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