The mention of Space to curious young minds inspires curiosity and conjures imaginations of mystique. To pique the curiosity of our pre-schoolers that fuels interest and passion to explore and learn, Methodist Preschool celebrated World Space Week with a slew of Space-themed lessons and hands-on activities uniquely designed by each of its five centres for different levels of learners.

Methodist Preschool World Space WeekImaginative Play – launch off to Space in a Rocket (Sengkang Methodist)

Interesting lessons that touch on different aspects of Space, from the solar system to satellites and the life of an astronaut in Space, were conducted at different centres. Space-themed activities and immersive imaginative play complete with costumes, props and elaborate space-themed setups augmented the fun learning experience of young pre-schoolers. Take a peek at the Space-themed activities across the five Methodist preschools via this playlist.

Methodist Preschool Students World Space WeekImaginative Play – rocket repair (Sengkang Methodist Preschool)

For the graduating cohort of K2 students, the exciting array of space-themed lessons and activities during World Space Week culminated in an exclusive live sharing and interaction over Zoom with Ms Naoko Yamazaki, Japan’s 2nd female Astronaut. Ms Yamazaki wowed the students with fascinating videos and pictures, as well as sharing personal anecdotes of her experience in Space and concluded her sharing with “Space is waiting for You!”. Afterwards, burning questions of our inquisitive pre-schoolers were answered during the interactive Q&A session. Watch video highlights of the momentous Learn-with-Astronaut virtual session:

The exclusive opportunity for K2 Methodist pre-schoolers to e-meet an Astronaut is part of Methodist Preschool Signature K2 Space Buds Programme. It is a first-of-its-kind programme designed to introduce pre-schoolers to all things Space and fire up our young minds to build interest and foundational knowledge in space, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) through age-appropriate hands-on lessons and fun activities.

Methodist Pre schoolers World Space WeekReading Space-themed interactive book (Sengkang Methodist)

Part 1 of the K2 Space Buds Programme is conducted by professional trainers from Space Faculty Asia around April and comprises lessons, enjoyable hands-on activities and even an opportunity for the students to sample space ice cream! Part 2 of the Space Buds Programme happens during the annual Space Week from 4 – 10 October.

Methodist Preschool Teacher Teaching About SpaceTeacher teaching about Solar System (Sengkang Methodist)

Methodist Preschool believes that curiosity and a sense of wonder are the fuel for discovery, inquiry, and passion for learning. Their commitment is to nurture every student to be a person of Good Character, with future-ready mindsets of an Explorer, an Innovator and an Entrepreneur.

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