A calendar year of full-scale floral displays returns to Gardens by the Bay in 2022 with support from corporate and individual donors

The eight floral displays to commemorate Gardens by the Bay’s tenth-anniversary feature collaborations with international embassies in Singapore, appearances by popular characters, as well as new flowers on show

Floral Displays Gardens by the Bay

For the first time since the onset of the pandemic two years ago, Gardens by the Bay is bringing back a calendar year of full-scale floral displays to Flower Dome as it celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2022. The Gardens first opened its doors to the public in 2012.

Even with budget and supply chain restrictions caused by the pandemic, over the last two years, Gardens by the Bay has continued to put up some floral displays in Flower Dome featuring flowers such as dahlias, sakura, tulips and poinsettias. In 2022, the Gardens has planned eight full-scale floral displays. These include crowd favourites such as Dahlia Dreams (the first to open on 14 January 2022, just in time for Chinese New Year) and Sakura, as well as two new floral displays featuring peonies and hydrangeas – flowers which have never been the theme of a show before.

The eight floral displays of 2022 are:

Gardens by the Bay is indebted to the financial support of Bloomberg and other generous members of the local community, to be able to bring back a calendar year of full-scale floral displays in spite of the uncertainties of 2022, for visitors to enjoy.

Gardens by the Bay’s Senior Director of Horticultural Operations Gary Chua said, “It has been challenging for our horticulturists to work with both supply chain and budget constraints over the last two years. Gardens by the Bay would like to thank our donors for enabling us to finally put together a calendar year of full-scale floral displays in 2022, and we are grateful they share our vision of the importance of nature to soothe the mind and spirit. The eight floral displays next year are a way to thank Singaporeans who have been so supportive of Gardens by the Bay over the past 10 years, and there will be something for everyone, be it unique elements of a foreign culture, cute Instagrammable characters, or brand new flowers.”

Visitors can anticipate meaningful cultural sharing from around the world with at least half of the year’s floral displays. In line with Gardens by the Bay’s objective to bring the world to Singapore, four floral displays will be held in collaboration with international embassies in Singapore.


For the first time, Gardens by the Bay is working with the Embassy of Spain for A Spanish Serenade with Sunflowers and the Embassy of Mexico for Hanging Gardens. Hydrangea Holidays is a collaboration with the Netherlands Embassy, and the four Nordic embassies in Singapore – Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden – will be coming on board again for the yuletide Poinsettia Wishes floral display.

In addition, the Sakura floral display in 2022 will feature tokidoki characters for the first time.

You can get tickets online over at Klook, KKday or Trip.com.


Dahlia Dreams (大丽花之梦)
14 January to 20 February 2022

Year of the Tiger at Dahlia Dreams 2022

Usher in the Spring Festival and celebrate new beginnings at the popular Chinese New Year floral display Dahlia Dreams. For the first time, a stunning River Hongbao lantern, Spring Fragrances (花香满溢), takes centre stage in the flower field. The lantern features three Chinese moon gates, a pair of rabbits and larger-than-life narcissus blooms, all set amidst about 2,000 showstopper dahlias and vibrant azaleas, chrysanthemums and cymbidiums. Also on display are adorable tiger cubs to ring in the Year of the Tiger, and auspicious decorations such as giant coin pouches (福袋) and couplets (春联) symbolising good fortune and prosperity.

Sakura featurig tokidoki characters (樱花)
4 March to 3 April 2022

Sakura Featuring Tokidok Characters

Fubuki, Ichiyo, Haru & Harumi, Yoshino and Sakurako – tokidoki’s five magical Unicornos – join the ever-popular characters SANDy and Donutella in making their debut at this year’s Sakura floral display. Spot the colourful tokidoki characters in a landscape featuring torii gates, hanami settings, and a display of Japanese carp streamers known as koinobori on loan from the Japanese Association, Singapore, then explore a magical giant box with marumado, or traditional round Japanese windows with a view.

Peony Bliss (牡丹福佑)
9 April to 3 May 2022

Peony Bliss Gardens by the Bay

The inaugural Precious Peony floral display traces the journey of this revered flower of the Chinese from its native land of China to Nanyang, as immigrants made their way to a better life in a foreign land. From a traditional Suzhou-inspired garden where peonies are beautifully showcased, to their unexpected prominence in Singapore’s Peranakan culture, experience-rich depictions of a flower that has always had a place in the hearts of the Chinese.

Rose Romance (玫瑰之恋)
13 May to 19 June 2022

Rose Romance floral display

After a well-received run in 2019, roses make a return to Flower Dome in a fragrant show redolent of summer that will showcase the magic and romance of one of the oldest and most iconic flowers of all time.

Hydrangea Holidays (绣球花假期)
25 June to 24 July 2022

Gardens by the Bay Hydrangea Holidays Floral Display

Go on an adventure to the Netherlands and rediscover summertime when whimsical Hydrangeas bloom, in this floral display put together in collaboration with the Netherlands Embassy. These opulent flowers colour the pastoral countryside in shades of the Dutch flag, amidst a traditional landscape replete with windmills, canals and townhouses.

Hanging Gardens (百花齐放)
5 August to 11 September 2022

In collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico, the culture and heritage of Mexico take centre stage with a landscape that incorporates elements such as medallions synonymous with celebratory occasions handmade by the Mexican community in Singapore, the Aztec double-headed serpent, and a 4m-tall replica of the iconic Chichen Itza pyramid of the Mayans. To reflect the vibrant colours of Mexico, showy blooms such as cockscombs and marigolds in a plethora of bright colours will be on show.

A Spanish Serenade with Sunflowers (西班牙葵花小夜曲)
24 September to 30 October 2022

A Spanish Seranade with Sunflowers Gardens by the Bay

In collaboration with the Embassy of Spain, this floral display takes inspiration from the region of Andalusia in southern Spain, with the cities of Seville, Jaén and Córdoba being highlights. Sunflowers and other popular Spanish garden blooms like pelargonium, petunias and evergreen palms enhance interpretations of a Spanish courtyard garden; the famous Patio de las Doncellas (The Courtyard of the Maidens) of the Real Alcázar palace in Seville; and the Fiesta de los Patios (Festival of the Patios), a cultural festival recognised by UNESCO that celebrates the unique patio houses of Córdoba. Andalusian arts and culture like the flamenco dance add to the Spanish flavour of the show.

Poinsettia Wishes (圣诞心愿)
11 November 2022 to 2 January 2023

Carrying on with the popular tradition of this annual yuletide floral display, the Embassies of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are working with horticulturists once more to flavour Christmas with Nordic charm.

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