The Rhetoric Collective is the premier speech & debate training centre in Singapore. With over a decade of experience training championship-calibre speakers in Singapore, we understand what it takes to shape powerful and articulate speakers, develop strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and create the leaders of tomorrow.

The Rhetoric Collective Nov-Dec 2022 Workshops

FUTURE THOUGHT LEADERS SERIES (Nov-Dec School Holiday Workshops)

Expand your mind, evolve your skills, and express your opinions through our specialised month-long holiday series of workshops!

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Changemakers Workshop – Be Empowered To Create Change:

Explore real-world applications of persuasion and advocacy skills in our Changemakers workshop! Each day will explore a different discipline, covering legal advocacy, journalism and diplomacy, and provide new challenges and exciting experiences through simulated scenarios with the help of specialist trainers.

Senior (12-16 years old)
21 – 23 November, 8.30am – 12.30pm OR
12 – 14 December, 2pm – 6pm

Junior (9-11 years old)
21 – 23 November, 2pm – 6pm OR
12 – 14 December, 8.30am – 12.30pm

The Rhetoric Collective Year End 2022 Workshops


Want to learn how to defend any viewpoint, think critically about global issues and learn how to become a powerful and articulate speaker? Join our Debate workshop for a crash course on core debate skills! Developed by the best debate coaches in Singapore, our workshops will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of argumentation, rebuttal and speech techniques.

Senior (12-16 years old)
28 – 30 November, 8.30am – 12.30pm OR
7 – 9 December, 2pm – 6pm

Junior (9-11 years old)
1 – 2 December, 8.30am – 12.30pm OR
15 – 16 December, 2pm – 6pm

Year-End School Holiday Speech and Debate Workshops at the Rhetoric Collective


Stressing out over that DSA, scholarship or admissions interview? Work with our trainers in our Interview Skills workshop to make the best first impression! Learn what interviewers are looking out for in a variety of different situations, avoid common pitfalls and ace your next interview!

Senior (12 – 16 years old)
25 November, 2pm – 6pm

Junior (9 – 11 years old)
30 November, 2pm – 6pm

The Rhetoric Collective School Holiday Speech and Debate Workshops

Speech & Presentation Skills Workshop – UNCOVER THE SECRETS OF ENGAGING SPEAKERS:

Struggle with speaking in front of an audience? Eloquence doesn’t have to come naturally; it can be learned. In our Speech & Presentation Skills workshop, we’ll teach you how to deal with the most common speaking scenarios – doing a prepared presentation and speaking impromptu in front of an audience!

Senior (12 – 16 years old)
5 – 6 December, 2pm – 6pm

The Rhetoric Collective Speech and Debate Workshops


Join our Thought Leaders Forum to gain insights into the various policy tools that governments use to address complex issues in our ever-evolving world! Through interactive lectures on public policy, philosophy, and ethics, learn how to construct legislative solutions for the challenges of modern society.

Senior (12 – 16 years old)
1 – 2 December, 2pm – 6pm

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