With the number of Covid-19 cases locally oscillating between 10,000 to 20,000 daily, it seems as though the Covid-19 wave is sweeping through Singapore at a faster rate than ever before. As a mother of three children whose whole family was infected by the Covid-19 virus just before Chinese New Year, it is certainly an experience I do not wish to repeat. We grappled with long lines at the clinics – waiting hours on end to see the doctors and scrambled to find medication to soothe the discomfort and symptoms brought about by the Covid-19 virus.

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One of my biggest takeaways from this experience is that it is necessary for households to stock up – 1) with vitamins and supplements to keep immunity up and 2) with medication that will help to relieve Covid-19 symptoms from its onset. This is compounded by the current protocols for Covid-19 patients which encourage home recovery and asks individuals who test positive with mild symptoms not to put further stress on clinics and hospitals.

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After going through Covid-19 with the family and being made more aware of the various symptoms that the Omicron variant brings, I have picked 4 products from trusted pharmaceutical brand Leftose that households should have on hand in this current pandemic.

Range of Leftose productsImage credit: Jasmine Chua

1. Leftose BlackElderberry Gummies with Vitamin C and Zinc

These Elderberry gummies are the perfect children-approved way to ensure they get their daily dose of Black Elderberry Vitamin C and Zinc. Black elderberries are very high in vitamin C and are the most concentrated source of the powerful antioxidant, anthocyanin, which strengthens your body’s immunity and ability to fight viruses. And Leftose has one of the highest concentrations of black elderberries in their gummies.

Leftose BlackElderberry Gummies with Vitamin C and ZincSource: WellChem Pharmaceuticals

I give my children a gummy a day to help them rebuild their immunity after their bout of Covid-19 and they love the taste and chewy texture of the gummy! For families that haven’t caught the Covid-19 virus, this is a great supplement to have readily available in a bid to keep the virus at bay.

Psst… I tried a gummy and I understand why the children love it so much! They taste so good, it’s hard to stop at one!

Leftose Throat LozengesSource: WellChem Pharmaceuticals

2. Leftose Throat Lozenges

Getting a sore throat is one of the prevailing symptoms of the Omicron variant and something that my other half and I personally experienced. We had difficulty consuming food and drinks and had throat discomforts across the span of several days.

Leftose lozegnes syrup sore throatSource: WellChem Pharmaceuticals

Unlike many over-the-counter lozenges products which contain high amounts of sugar, Leftose’ lozenges are made from a natural enzyme – Lysozyme, which is found naturally in the human body and helps to clear phlegm while soothing the throat. Leftose lozenges are available in two great tasting flavours – honey lemon and blackcurrant. The blackcurrant variant, Leftose Max Lozenges, also has added Vitamin C and Zinc for an extra boost!

Leftose Tablets relief for sore throat and chesty coughsSource: WellChem Pharmaceuticals

3. Leftose Tablets

Leftose Tablets Sore Throat Chesty CoughSource: WellChem Pharmaceuticals

These pint-sized tablets are easy to swallow and offer quick and effective relief for sore throat and chesty coughs. Each tablet is packed with active ingredients like purified lysozyme hydrochloride that help to reduce swelling, which in turn reduces pain associated with sore throats. They are easy to store at home or bring around with you and the non-drowsy formula also makes it easy for individuals to still go about their daily activities with no disruption to their schedules. I had my other half pack some tablets for his business trip in case the oily and fried food triggers his throat discomfort and remnant cough.

Leftose Syrup removes phlegm for kidsSource: WellChem Pharmaceuticals

4. Leftose Syrup

Leftose also has a syrup version specially for kids. The trusted formulation which has been prescribed by doctors and pharmacists for over 40 years, helps to ease chest congestion by helping to break down thick, sticky phlegm so it is easier for the body to cough them out. It also removes phlegm in the throat and provides quick, non-drowsy relief. The syrup is also much easier to administer to children and the naturally sweet taste of the syrup is soothing on the taste buds and tummies.

This is definitely a bottle that I’m keeping stocked in my medicine cabinet for recurrent instances of chesty cough and sore throats.

Leftose Sore Throat Relief

Where to buy

Leftose is a trusted brand by Wellchem Pharmaceuticals and their products have been dispensed by doctors for over 40 years. Leftose can be bought over-the-counter at Guardian, Watsons and Unity, or at Wellchem’s official online shops on Lazada and Shopee.

As households cope with constant Health Risk Warnings being received and friends and family getting Covid-19, it’s important to be prepared and have supplements and medication on hand to ease signs of discomfort from the onset of symptoms. Start stocking up today!

This post is brought to you by Wellchem Pharmaceuticals.

By Jasmine Chua.

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