Celegift TNAP Editors Awards 2022

Having a baby is a joyous occasion to be celebrated with family and friends.

However, this is also a period where new parents are tied up with a long list of confinement routines and newborn care duties. For most parents, planning a full month party and sending full month treats in person from door to door can be a stressful event. On the other hand, our family and friends may not also know what celebratory gifts to get for us, resulting in unsuitable gifts, or even multiple gifts of the same type!

Celegift Full month package

To save you the headache and hassle, Celegift offers you an elegant solution of a one-stop celebratory platform for your baby’s full month and gift registry! Celegift has also lined up a series of freebies and promotions that make this one-stop platform the one you should choose for your baby milestone celebrations.

1. Full Month Packages with Free 1-to-1 Doorstep Delivery, Easy Link-Sharing to Collect Guest Delivery Details, and Personalised Baby e-Card!

Celegift full month package with delivery

If you are ever stuck and do not know how to go about planning for your child’s full month celebration, I recommend Celegift. They let us customise the treats, set up our gift registry, delivered everything to us and our guests, and all at a very reasonable price tag.” – 5 Stars Google Review from Celegift’s customer, Jun Hong.

Celegift has delicious full month sets each packed in chic pastel packaging and an attractive paper bag for your loved ones.

Choose from a variety of sets from their Classic, Customisable, and the latest Traditional series – all come with a mix of tasty traditional and modern pastries to wow your friends and family!

Depending on your set of choices, you can choose from a variety of traditional full month pastries including Ang Yi (for baby boy) or Ang Ku Kueh (for baby girl), Red Eggs, and Glutinous Rice. On top of these, you can mix them with modern pastries like Mini Moist Brownies, Custard Puffs, Vanilla Swiss Rolls, Mixed Fruit Tartlets and more!

Within each series, you can choose to book either 6-piece, 8-piece, 10-piece, and 12-piece sets based on your needs.

What if you want to choose a traditional or modern selection of treats? Celegift allows you to customise your treat sets according to your preferences.

Celegift Baby Full Month Set

With free doorstep delivery, Celegift will send each set with a personalised electronic-baby card to your family and friends, so everyone can celebrate your baby’s milestones together!

Click here to order your Full Month packages with FREE delivery!

2. Complimentary Gift Registry Based on Your Personal Gift Wishlist

Say goodbye to gifts that don’t suit your baby, or gifts that come in multiples when you only need one set!

Celegift provides you a super convenient gift registry so you can receive Full Month gifts from your friends and family that are based on your personal gift wishlist.

Simply create your gift registry, choose your favourite maternity and baby products from hundreds of top baby brands, and generate a sharable link to message your family and friends.

The best thing is that every gift you receive will be a meaningful one, because you chose it!

Click here to set up your FREE gift registry!

3. Free Full Month Celebration e-book and Consultation

Stressed over planning your baby’s Full Month celebration?

Celegift has published a free Full Month Celebration e-book with a step-by-step guide on how to plan a successful baby full month celebration during a pandemic. You can also learn about local full month traditions and celebrations to enjoy this memorable milestone.

Need some advice from the experts?

Celegift offers a commitment-free consultation with personalised tips and guidance. In just 15 minutes, you’ll be able to plan your successful full month celebration. Celegift will also include a Singapore Market Price Comparison for your Full Month set to save you the hassle.

Get your Free Full Month Celebration E-Book and Free Consultation with Celegift here!

Celegift logo

About Celegift

Celegift was started by mummy Eva after her first child was born during the pandemic in 2020, because she couldn’t find a one-stop place to send both full month treats and make gift-giving easier for her guests

A year later, she set up Celegift, which combines the two main elements of a full month celebration – sharing treats and gift-giving – into a single platform.

Besides comprehensive full month packages, Celegift is the first in Singapore to offer a one-stop gift registry where parents can browse through thousands of baby products, add them to their personalised wishlist, and share them with their guests to make gift-giving both easier and sustainable during these times.

With Celegift, I only have one goal in mind: to make it as easy as possible for new parents to share and celebrate their child’s significant milestones, no matter how big or small, with their loved ones during a pandemic.” – Eva

Contact Details

  1. Phone: +65 6436 3642 (Hotline Hours: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. on weekdays)
  2. Email: admin@celegift.com.sg
  3. Website: celegift.com.sg

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This post is brought to you by Celegift.

Text by Julia Chan.

Celegift TNAP Editors Awards 2022

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