Every child is different and special. Some children grow up to be voracious readers, while others just enjoy making sense of numbers.

How each child picks up new knowledge or a new skill differs from another child, and each child has their own learning style.

This belief stems from an important educational theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI), formulated by Howard Gardner, an American developmental psychologist and Professor of Cognition and Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

As you enter the lively centre at Carpe Diem Starlets Sparkle, the first thing that strikes you is the environment. Located in Bukit Merah, Connection One building, the expansive preschool is well-equipped and boasts its own indoor gym and spacious outdoor playground.

Adopting The Multiple Intelligence Approach

With an integrated curriculum and varied learning approaches based on the MI approach, learning is multifaceted and never a chore. The school’s dedicated teachers identify your child’s unique intelligence, to help them grow and maximise their full learning potential.

At Carpe Diem Starlets Sparkle, apart from the classrooms, different learning corners are set up to explore and develop the different intelligences:

1. Bodily-Kinesthetic (Body Smart)

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Like a hidden haven nestled in the midst of a commercial backdrop, one can hardly miss the spacious private outdoor playground that children at Carpe Diem Starlets Sparkle enjoy.

To develop their bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, children go outdoors everyday, giving them a chance to expend their energy and develop their muscle strength and coordination.

With higher levels of outdoor activity being proven to lower myopia prevalence, this outdoor time that the children get right at the own doorstep may very well reduce of the risk of children being short-sighted.

Also equipped to cater to the children’s great need for physical exercise is the indoor gym in the centre. There will always be shouts of joy from the spacious indoor gym and outdoor playground as the children hone their physical movement skills in the well-equipped centre.

Preschool in Bukit Merah Carpe Diem Starlets Sparkle

While the older children learn skills like galloping and skipping, the younger children have their share of fun learning to skip, toss objects and even balancing object as they move around.

At times, different subjects are also infused into the movement lessons, as children are challenged to form letters and numbers with their bodies. These skills help them shape a better understanding of the world around them.

2. Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart)

On a typical morning, you can find the children poring over books in their respective library corners that are well-stocked with books. While children are encouraged to read a wide variety of books, they focus on a specific theme every term and children are exposed to books centered upon the theme, specially picked out by teachers.

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Children are also supported by the structured phonics lessons that take place during curriculum time. An example of a theme would be ‘Myself’. All children explore the same theme each term but at different levels according to their age groups. This ensures that each year, they get to build on their knowledge to come up with a better understanding of the theme.

For instance, at Playgroup and Nursery levels, they learn about their face first, then bodies and five senses, while at Kindergarten level, they go on to learn about organs and body systems. We also love the Dramatic and Shakespeare Corner, which allows them to exercise their creativity with language!

3. Logical Mathematical Intelligence (Number Smart)

Carpe Diem Starlets Sparkle Where Learning Is Designed To Suit Your Child's Learning Style

Instead of the typical way of teaching numbers on a chart, children at Carpe Diem Starlets Sparkle are constantly challenged to think through various hands-on activities.

The Einstein corners are well-stocked with items such as weighing scales and the Blocks corner have manipulatives such as blocks to stimulate children to think in terms of logic and order.

Children are exposed to logic puzzles, problem-solving and guided discovery. Teachers will facilitate their thinking and challenge them to apply their logical-mathematical intelligence through questioning and tasks.

4. Visual Spatial Intelligence (Picture Smart)

Mutiple Intelligence Preschool Carpe Diem Starlets Sparkle

We have all heard of children who learn best with Mindmaps. Children at Carpe Diem Starlets Sparkle start early- charts, mindmaps and diagrams are introduced to children from a young age.

The activities are never teacher-directed as the children will always have a chance to be involved and direct their own learning as well as volunteer their answers.

Each group creation of a Mindmap is always a hive of activity with children all eager to be part of the learning and a collective sense of pride with their ‘creation’ at the end.

There is also a Picasso Corner where children learn elements of art and skills such as cutting, pasting and creating their own paper marche to create various forms of art pieces.

From the varied art pieces and children’s work on display all around the centre, it is evident that children’s work is very much valued at Carpe Diem Starlets Sparkle!

5. Musical Intelligence (Music Smart)

Carpe Diem Starlets Sparkle Mutiple Intelligence Method

Along with movement skills acquired from the gym and playground, children also have a Music and Movement segment in their day where they listen to different types of music and move to the beat.

A Beethoven corner in the centre is where they learn the basics of music such as tempo, rhythm and beat. Musical instruments of all sorts, such as Maracas Shakers are free for children to play and explore here.

6. Naturalistic Intelligence (Nature Smart)

On top of outdoor playtime, students are often taken on field trips to further explore the relevant themes and expose them to the world of nature around.

For instance, while exploring the theme of ‘Insects’, the children took a learning journey to the Butterfly Park. Such outings sometimes involve parents and are an avenue for parent-child bonding, and to allow parents to know teachers better.

The children have also taken trips to River Wonder, Gardens by the Bay, and Chinatown. On such trips, they are also introduced to skills such as classification and categorisation, skills that will come in useful as they move towards formal learning.

7. Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart)

Working with their peers is part of everyday activities at Carpe Diem Starlets Sparkle. They engage in cooperative play, group work, brainstorming and even peer teaching at a young age.

This helps them build up self-confidence and learn how to relate better to others. They are also directed towards simple reflective learning activities to help them think about the cause and effect of their actions.

8. Intrapersonal Intelligence (Self Smart)

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Carpe Diem Starlets work closely with parents to ensure the holistic development of their children. Apart from frequent conversations and updates through various means, parents are also frequently invited to take part in centre celebrations and field trips.

The centre has tie-ups with primary schools, where primary school students interact with the younger ones. The Primary School students introduce what primary school life is about to the Kindergarteners and how to better prepare for Primary One.

Last year, the centre collaborated with a dental clinic for a visit so that the children could learn about taking care of their teeth and experience visiting the dentist.

The involvement and engagement all reflect the success of Carpe Diem Starlets Sparkle, where children experience true joy in learning through the MI approach and learning corner.

The integrated curriculum is robust and delivers each learning concept through various ways that cater to different children’s intelligence. Through this, every child will be able to maximise their learning potential which will go a long way in their learning journey.

You know best what your child likes.

Wouldn’t you want them to excel through the ways they learn best?

Email sparkle@carpediem.com.sg or call 62649366 to arrange for a private tour.

For more info, go to carpediem.com.sg/contact/cd-starlets-sparkle.

This post is brought to you by Carpe Diem Starlets Sparkle.

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