Let It Go Frozen Alex Boye

Disney’s latest breakout winter tale has sure taken us by storm. Just can’t get enough of Frozen? Here are our top 5 “Let it Go” covers we discovered on YouTube.

Now let it go…and sing along with your little ones. Enjoy!

1. Frozen – Let it Go Africanized by Alex Boyé, featuring One Voice Children’s Choir

Alex Boyé, well-known for his ‘Africanized’ covers of hit songs collaborated with The One Voice Children’s Choir and 11-year-old mini Lexi Walker (Elsa), for this cover. If the music didn’t blow you away, the costumes (including an adorable Olaf) and stunning icy scenery and cinematography probably will.

2. Frozen Medley by Pentatonix featuring Kirstie Maldonado

Want to listen to all the songs in Frozen again? Acappella group Pentatonix did just that! A flawless medley of all the songs in Frozen, we love how members of the group ‘dress up’ and impersonate the various characters of the movie.

3. Frozen – Let it Go by Christina Bianco (as Idina Menzel, Demi Lovato, Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera and more)

This versatile and personality-filled Cover is a must hear! Christina Bianco tackles the vocal impersonations of many pop divas effortlessly in this cover. What’s more, this was filmed live, so no play backs, no fancy sound enhancers. Just raw stage presence and sheer vocal talent. Close your eyes to see if you can identify the various pop divas ‘singing’ the song.

4. Frozen – Let It Go (Hokkien)

Probably only the adults will understand this. This one is for the locals, the Taiwanese and those who understand the dialect. This had us in fits of laughter and we hope you had a good laugh too!

5. Disney’s Frozen – “Let It Go” Multi-Language Full Sequence

Not exactly a cover as it is from Disney Studios, see how fans in other countries have experienced Elsa unleashing her powers in 25 different languages across the globe.

Which is your favourite cover? Comment in the box below!