From 20 to 2 minutes!!!

That’s the amount of time you can now take to eat a bowl of cooked rice with yummy ingredients.

While normal rice takes 20 to 50 minutes to prepare, Yamie Ready-to-Eat instant rice can be ready in two minutes!

Had a long hard day at work and need a quick hunger fix for your grumbling tummy?

Simply pop Yamie Ready-to-Eat Rice into the microwave on HIGH mode for 2 minutes and tuck in to a bowl of fragrant cooked rice.

Available in three delectable flavours:

  • Singapore Fried Rice: with Jasmine Rice, corn, imitation crabstick and peas
  • Singapore Yam Rice: with Jasmine Rice, yam, mushroom and shrimp
  • Thai Jasmine Brown Rice: Adds more fibre to your daily meals for a healthier you

With no refrigeration needed, simply store your Yamie Ready-To-Eat Rice packs in a cool and dry area and they can be stored for about one and a half years. This Halal product serves one person, has no trans-fat, no preservatives, no added MSG and no artificial colouring.

Going at only $3.15 per pack, Yamie Rice Ready-to-Eat series is available at selected major supermarkets and convenience stores.

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