With phase 2 and 3 (Heightened Alert) restrictions in place for a good chunk of the June holidays and Work From Home being the default, it’s likely that families will be staying in. Although the June holiday plans for many, which might have included day excursions, staycations and a lot of outdoor activities, might have come to a standstill, parents can still make the best use of their time at home. From live streaming at a safari to cooking classes together to make crafts as a family, we’ve put together some ideas on how to bond as a family, and a special deal at the end, all saving some money.

keep children entertained through holidays

1. Take advantage of the myriad of free virtual tours and shows

Childrens’ minds are like sponges, absorbing very quickly the information that comes their way! With so much time on hand during the June holidays, it’s a great opportunity for parents to expose their children to the world and the knowledge it offers. The best part – it’s FREE!

Does your child like wildlife? Catching National Geographic’s safari live stream might excite him/her. How about science buffs? Science Max and SciShow Kids are popular YouTube channels that will keep your children entertained with fun and engaging science experiments. Can’t travel – no problem. Check out 12 famous museums from New York’s Guggenheim museum to Paris’ Musee d’ Orsay and their notable art pieces, all from the comfort of your own home! That and picking up knowledge about different cultures across the globe.

Go ahead, and take advantage of the multiple free avenues for fun and learning while staying home.

2. Unleash their creativity

There are so many benefits when children are engaged in art and craft, whether it’s enabling them to unleash their creativity, helping them express themselves or honing their motor skills. Pinterest’s Crafts and Activities for Kids board has hundreds of simple crafting ideas to keep your children’s nimble fingers busy. Most of these craft activities only require items that can be found easily at home such as paper, scissors, colour pencils, cotton wool, glue.

Crafts and Activities for Kids

Want to take the creativity level up a notch? Check out how to transform the humble cardboard box into costumes, game boards, race tracks, kitchen appliances just to name a few. It is a fun and low-cost way for families to bond while making memories.

3. Cook up a storm

The June holiday is a great time for children to be introduced to the joys of cooking and baking – a very valuable skill that would come in handy throughout their life. And while classes at culinary schools or baking studios are anywhere between $100 – $300 a class, recipes can easily be replicated at home with the right know-how.

cooking with kids

Don’t worry – we don’t mean Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay level cooking. YouTube actually has cooking and backing channels just for children. Follow 16-year-old cookbook author and winner of Food Network Star Kids Amber Kelley as she shares recipes over a wide variety of food types. For younger children, CharlisCraftyKitchen features many sweet treat ideas which are eye-catching as they are tasty.

Cooking and baking also need not be expensive. Redman and Bake King are popular baking supply wholesalers where you can stock your pantry while also getting all the baking equipment and utensils needed. For cheaper groceries, group buying websites and apps such as Webuy and TreeDots can help families score great deals from local suppliers.

Who knows, your child could discover his/her hidden culinary talents through this!

Tuas Power – fueling your June holidays

With families bonding over home-based activities such as attending virtual tours, movie nights, baking and cooking, online holiday programmes etc, households will likely see an increase in electrical consumption. This surge will also be compounded by the news that the electricity tariffs will be increasing. To lock in savings early, consider switching to an electricity retailer from the Open Electricity Market now.

Tuas Power has multiple rave reviews and a score of 4.8/5 under Seedly’s Best Electricity Retailer list and have a variety of plans to suit every household’s needs. What’s more, you get to enjoy the convenience of having the same SP utilities bill! This means your bill will show your water, gas and electricity consumption with no changes to the current SP payment arrangement.

Tuas Power electricity promotion

From now till 30th June 2021, you can get up to $80 bill rebate* when you sign up for any 24 or 36 months plan online with the promo code <PRTNAP100>. That’s not all, Tuas Power is giving customers who sign up a complimentary 12-month insurance plan# from Aviva, where you can choose from Home insurance, Dengue Aid insurance or Utilities Relief insurance.

With years of reliable electricity supply and experience coupled with competitive prices and positive reviews, they are truly a great choice for households to start saving.

Check out Tuas Power’s promotions here and sign up today! For any enquiries, please contact 6838 6888 or email to cuscare@tuaspower.com.sg to find out more.

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This post is in partnership with Tuas Power.

By Jasmine Chua.

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