Hair loss, thinning hair and greying hair are some of the most common hair issues that people face. This is especially so for mothers, who very commonly experience hair loss and thinning hair postpartum. I was excited by the invitation from Topp Care Hair Solutions to try out their award-winning customised hair treatment because it was a great reminder that self-care is very important!

Topp Care Hair Solutions

Upon my arrival at the Topp Care outlet @ Eastpoint Mall, which has very clean aesthetics and a countertop lined with awards and certificates. I was introduced to Topp Care’s hair specialist who would be taking care of my hair treatment. Topp Care is certified by the US Trichology Institute and incorporates products made of high quality Western Botanical ingredients. These natural ingredients have properties that promote hair growth and scalp health each step of every treatment.

During the hair consultation session that precedes the customised hair treatment, the hair specialist will conduct a hair and scalp analysis to ascertain the suitable type of treatment required. In my case, excess sebum (thanks to Singapore’s humidity!) caused my scalp to be oily with clogged follicle. Hardened sebum around the follicles would cause congested pores and inhibit hair growth, making your tresses less voluminous. I was even told that normal shampoo are not able to wash away such congestion effectively and that is why hair treatments are necessary for healthy hair and scalp.

Topp Care hair specialist

The hair specialist recommended me one of Topp Care’s more popular treatment – the Detoxdren Masque Treatment and these were the steps involved:

Deep Cleanse

Using a mixture of fruit acid, she gently massaged it onto my scalp to soften dirt around hair follicles and clear the congestion. Compared to normal shampoos that surface cleanse the scalp, the ingredients of the fruit acid mixture contain smaller molecules that can effectively penetrate through the follicles. I thoroughly enjoyed the refreshing feel of the cool mixture on my scalp.

Scalp Detox

The hair specialist proceeded with the Detoxdren Masque treatment. What followed next is one of Topp Care’s more popular treatments – the Detoxdren Masque. This is an intensive treatment that targets excess sebum production and contains two main active ingredients: 1) yeast extract and 2) horse chestnut seed extract. The former is a natural source of vitamins and proteins, penetrating deep into the scalp structure to increase metabolism and accelerate hair growth. The latter protects the scalp from harmful UV radiation and also promotes blood circulation which is beneficial for strengthening and thickening hair. The special formulation is massaged into the scalp for better absorption of the ingredients, resulting in a more nourished scalp.

Topp Care Hair Solutions treatment

Hair Wash followed by Multiactive Lotion

After I luxuriated in the masque for 10-15min, it was time for my hair wash! I was ushered to a cosy corner where I was treated to a relaxing wash. Your tresses will be lovingly shampoo-ed not once, but twice to wash away dirt from the scalp. The entire hair wash was so relaxing and I felt pampered while getting my scalp massaged.

After the hair wash, the hair specialist spritzed a mixture of milk protein and Vitamin C moisturiser on my hair, making it smell like a citrus burst on my tresses. Following this, she applied the Multiactive Lotion section by section onto my scalp, flipping my hair to make sure she covered every part of my scalp with the lotion. This lotion is specially formulated with Isochrysis Galbana extract and Limonene to promote hair growth, improve blood circulation and promote scalp health. It is also suitable for all scalp types, especially for those with hair loss or hair thinning issues.

Infra-red treatment

After just over an hour from when we first started the treatment, the treatment ends with an infra-red therapy session. With the huge machine and multiple bulbs shooting red rays onto my scalp, it looks just like a scene from an alien movie, I was surprised that I didn’t feel any heat at all. I was told that it is because the rays are infra-red and therefore penetrate the scalp without any heat damage. This non-invasive treatment helps to improve the health of the scalp and its blood circulation, all while calming any inflammation.

Topp Care hair treatment

Final thoughts

After the entire treatment process, I felt that my scalp was much cleaner. My hair felt lighter and less weighed down by the gunk and oil from my previously congested hair follicles. This was confirmed again when the hair specialist did a post-treatment scalp and hair scan, showing that my scalp was much cleaner, with a lot of the hardened sebum no longer showing up on the scan.

Hair treatment Topp Care Before After

The hair specialist explained every step of the treatment and gave me useful tips on how to care for my scalp and hair. During the entire treatment, the products didn’t cause any inflammation or irritation. Some of her clients who do hair treatments on a regular basis might even see baby hair growth.

If you are looking to solve specific hair concerns or just want to pamper yourself with a relaxing hair treatment, do consider visiting Topp Care Hair Solutions!

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This post is brought to you by Topp Care.

By Jasmine Chua.

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