The world today is becoming more connected than ever before through our smartphones, the internet, instant messaging, and social media. With the exponential growth in the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, applications, and networks, cybersecurity has become a critical necessity to protect businesses, organisations and even our families from cyber-attacks.

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What is cybersecurity and how important is it? In layman’s terms, cybersecurity is a way of protecting your digital devices or networks from getting hacked or attacked by cybercriminals. It is akin to securing your doors and windows to prevent malicious intruders from invading your home and privacy.

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With the growing threat of cyber-attacks, the cybersecurity industry has become one of the fastest-growing and in-demand sectors in Singapore’s job market. Cybersecurity professionals, including cybersecurity analysts, engineers, consultants, and managers, are in high demand and can expect competitive salaries and career growth opportunities in Singapore’s cybersecurity industry.

This is evident from the thousands of job postings promoting cybersecurity-related roles across industries including banking, technology, gaming, and media on LinkedIn. Together with the proliferation of cybersecurity training courses, many existing IT professionals and even mid-career switchers from other industries have embarked on exciting careers in this industry.

Tapping on the Career Conversion Programme (CCP)

Due to fierce competition from experienced cybersecurity professionals, fresh graduates, and foreign talents, it can be challenging for mid-career switchers to enter this industry to leverage good career prospects and opportunities for progression.

Fortunately, the Career Conversion Programme (CCP), supported by NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), has helped many mid-career switchers transit into new cybersecurity occupations by providing structured on-the-job training.

Kang Chee Boon is one such career-switcher who was previously from IT pre-sales. He joined the cybersecurity industry as he noticed many businesses were taking their business online, and anticipated that there would be an increasing demand for cybersecurity professionals with excellent career progression opportunities.

With strong support from friends and family, he joined Tech Security Pte Ltd, one of Singapore’s leading IT, technology and cybersecurity consultancy firms, as its cybersecurity consultant.

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Structured training with real-life problem-solving opportunities

Under the CCP, Chee Boon received training in vulnerability tester tools, identifying system vulnerabilities, reproducing evidence, and finally presenting the findings in a report format for clients. Chee Boon found the job to be extremely interesting as he would be able to unravel different security vulnerabilities for every project that he undertook.

During the CCP training period, Chee Boon was mentored by Tay Mia Hao, a principal consultant from Tech Security. As Chee Boon came from a different industry, Mia Hao was very patient in guiding him through a series of structured training plans as well as answering every question that was raised during the training. After completing the CCP, Chee Boon said that the CCP’s emphasis on practical training and its focus on developing the skills needed were important prerequisites to developing a successful career in cybersecurity.

Mia Hao, in turn, benefited from the CCP and e2i’s guidance throughout the programme to address the company’s labour shortage issues as well as tackle skill gaps. This was because the CCP allowed the company to tap into a new pool of talents who were interested in taking on available job openings but did not have the relevant skills yet.

Why join the cybersecurity industry?

“Working in the cybersecurity industry goes beyond just protecting organizations and individuals from cyber threats. It also involves contributing to the greater good by helping to enhance the security posture of critical infrastructure, protecting privacy and data rights, and safeguarding against cybercrime, cyber espionage, and other malicious activities that can have significant societal impact. As a cybersecurity professional, you can make a meaningful difference in promoting a safer and more secure digital world,” shared Mia Hao.

About Tech Security Pte Ltd

Tech Security Pte Ltd is Singapore’s leading IT, technology and Cybersecurity Consultancy, with a dedicated team of certified and highly trained cybersecurity professionals passionate about making the internet a safer place to do business on.

Aspiring mid-career switchers who wish to explore careers in the cybersecurity industry can learn about Tech Security at

The company is currently hiring for several roles including Associate Security Consultant / Security Consultant possessing a CREST CRT or OSCP certificate.

Brought to you by Tech Security Pte Ltd.

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