What makes a teacher? The New Age Parents spoke to principals and teachers from various schools and enrichment centres, to find out more about their philosophy, passion and aspiration.

teacher huang ying from mindchampsTeacher Profile
Name: Huang Ying (黄英)
Role/Class: K2 Mandarin Teacher at MindChamps PreSchool @ Toa Payoh
Years in the industry: 14 years

TNAP: Hi Huang Ying! Tell us more about yourself!

I have been with MindChamps PreSchool for 5 years now. I have developed from being a Chinese teacher to Head of Department (Chinese) with MindChamps PreSchool. In these 5 years, I have continuously gained new experiences, new insights to being an early childhood professional and developed my professional growth.

MindChamps’ unique integration of the scientific research of the Champion Mindset by our Chancellor, Emeritus Prof Allan Snyder (FRS) has been a key motivator for my teaching and personal development. The elements of the Champion Mindset have been internalised to become my personal beliefs and mantra. I am unique and I strive to do my best, becoming more aware of my own strengths and own areas of improvement; learning to judo my weakness into strengths.

TNAP: Looking back in your teaching career, were there any mistakes or decisions which you regretted? If yes, how did you learn from it?

Before I joined the MindChamps family, I embraced the concept of being a perfectionist – setting very high standards for myself, achieving perfection in everything I do and not able to accept setbacks and failures. Having gone through the experiences and growth these few years, I have learnt to accept that it’s okay to experience imperfection and find ways to solve the problems, while maintaining a high standard of performance.

For example, besides teaching my classes, I also co-manage the operation of my pre-school. With the dual responsibility, I have to commit more time and efforts to do well in both areas. I truly embrace the values we have in MindChamps to constantly look for the beauty of my fellow teachers, accepting feedback as seeds of growth and to strengthen my inter-personal skills of partnering and managing the teaching team.

TNAP: In your eyes, what makes an effective and good teacher?

To be a good teacher, I believe one must be a good role model and lead by example. To be a good leader, one needs to maintain a personal high standard of excellence for his or her team of teachers.

TNAP: Who do you look up to as a role model in terms of your teaching career and why?

Growth comes from commitment, time and effort. All these years, I am grateful for the love from my leaders, my fellow teachers and the young Champs under my tutelage. Parents’ appreciation and recognition have been a strong motivator for me too. I am blessed, deeply grateful for all the support given to nurture the success in my life, which words can’t express. I want to thank MindChamps for providing me with the opportunities for growth, the beliefs of my leaders in me to become a Champion Educator and for developing my teaching and management skills these 5 years. I truly feel the team’s love and support towards me.

TNAP: Complete this sentence. Teaching is…

To transfer knowledge and core values to our future generation of young champions. It is an attitude and a mindset.

Below is Huang Ying’s original reply in Mandarin: