The eyes are the windows to the souls. It is through the baby’s eyes that infants begin to have a concept of light, colors and beauty of the world around them.

Initial learning process happens as the infant is given the chance to observe movements around him. Indeed your baby’s early vision development highly depends on your ability to initiate interventions to improve sight and eye movements and perception.

There are a lot of problems which can be indicated by several symptoms like reddened lids or eyes, encrusted eyelids and excessive tearing.

You might also want to consider the fact that your baby is sometimes bumping on the sides whenever he moves as clear indication of babies eyesight problems. But you don’t have to sit back and watch your baby’s eyesight deteriorate. Here are the things you can do to improve his vision:


▪ Use a nightlight or other dim lamp inside your baby’s room. Too much brightness may ruin the sight.

▪ Hang a mobile within or outside the crib. The movement will be followed by your baby’s eyes as he develops sensitivity to objects in motion.

▪ Establish focus by talking to your baby while moving around. As he hears the sound and see you move, you are working for the development of his senses and coordination.

▪ Feed the baby in alternating sides so he can have a view of his right and his left.

▪ In fostering eye, hand and foot coordination, you can hang some colorful objects which could be within his reach. Make sure these objects are light yet big enough not be swallowed.

▪ If your child is quiet big enough to crawl, then give him the chance to explore the things around him.

▪ Provide objects which your baby can touch, hold and get familiar with.

▪ Give tools for drawing and coloring. This will not only help them identify figures and colors but also enhance the imagination and creativity.

▪ Consult your pediatrician if the symptoms persist and continues to irritate the infant.

▪ Feed your infant with foods rich in Vitamin A or with other vitamins and mineral supplements according to the approval and recommendation of your physician.

Developing baby’s vision milestones would certainly be possible in loving and very comforting means. Try to do things together and be able to help him appreciate tasks ahead.

Babies eyesightare gifts that should be nurtured from birth. It is then the responsibility of the parents to induce vision-improvement activities. Be prepared with worthwhile toys and objects you can display and which your baby can use to improve his sight.

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