PowerMoves Pilates in the Park offers you some tips on how you can put your Pilates exercise principles to practice in everyday action, easing the strain on your back and legs while perfecting your poise and posture. As you go about your daily chores, evening events and caring for the whole family, practise these pointers to keep your body in good form and alignment.


If you do a lot of standing:

  • Keep your shoulders down and away from your ears and your chest lifted up.
  • Have a slight bend in your knees so you can engage your buttocks.
  • Don’t stand on one leg only; stay balanced with both feet firmly planted.
  • Lengthen your waist until it feels higher than the table you are standing next to.
  • Don’t hang your head; lift and lengthen your neck.

If you do a lot of sitting:

  • Adjust your seat to ensure a straight spine.
  • Don’t slouch into your lower back.
  • Keep your back lifted from out of your waist.
  • Don’t sit in one position longer than half an hour; get up and stretch or move around.
  • Keep your legs at 90-degree angles, hip-distance apart.

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Wherever you may be and whenever you remember:

  • Keep your abdominal muscles contracted, lifting them in and up your spine.
  • Keep your spine in a straight line from your crown to your tailbone, and
  • Draw your shoulder blades down towards your hips.

Do these pilates exercise regularly and you will see the difference in you.

* * * * *

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