Single ParentsThere is nothing more difficult for a parent than to have a family without a partner. Being a single parent is a tough challenge for attitude, character, disposition, wit and the entire well-being of a person.

Single parents are admired more than they would ever realise especially when the children are brought up to be good individuals. The current trend for relationships has resulted in quite a number of families with a single parenting system – that is being both a father and a mother to your children. Thus, this article is provided to serve as an aid for those who raise their children alone.

▪ Ask for some advice and help from friends, family members and counselling authorities to avoid yourself from succumbing to the stress of being a single parent. Having someone to share your burdens with is a complete relief.

▪ Hire a nanny. You need to provide for your children’s basic needs and earning for a living is your primary resort. For you to land a rewarding job, you have to leave the comforts of your home and be in that career that compensates for your family’s needs. A nanny is a lesser expense compared to what you will lose when you opt to stay home.

▪ If you are finding it difficult for you to have a nanny, you can look for home-based jobs through the internet. Work-at-home offers are flourishing online. This will not only allow you time for your family but will also give you the comfort of working without facing the hassles of the office.

▪ Improve yourself. Although you have been building the family alone, it does not mean that you don’t need to look good and vibrant. The positive aura among the family emanates from the parents and if you shed a ray of optimism by an improved self, you also recreate the world of your children.

▪ Don’t rush into having a new partner. Let the right one come at the right time. Love will eventually seek its way towards you. Initially, focus on how to give the best for your children.

▪ Read self-help books and other single parenting websites online. Reading will widen your understanding of your role and will help you broaden your means to hold on for the children.

▪ Look for help. The WeCare Befriender Programme by NTUC Women’s Development Secretariat (WDS) will see 15 pioneer WeCare for U beneficiaries become friends and mentors to single mothers who have newly joined the initiative, was launched on 28 Nov 2015. These 15 befrienders have gone through a training workshop and other preparations with Family Central, a service by Fei Yue Community Services to effectively carry out their roles. Single mothers who are keen to join the WeCare for U Programme may contact WDS at 62138383 or

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