Question: I have some child behavior problems. My girl is 21 months old and she keeps pulling her hair out almost everyday. What can i do to help her not to pull anymore?

child behavioral problems

Answer: It is important to find out the reason or trigger of her behaviour. For example, does it happen whenever she does not get what she wants? Are there times when she does not engage in that behaviour? Sometimes children may engage in certain behaviours to get the attention from their parents or caregivers.

If that is the case, remember to shower lots of attention and praise for good behaviours i.e. when she is not pulling her hair. It is also important that you are very specific in your praise, for example, tell the child, “Good Job for not pulling your hair” and give the child a hug. Try to ignore bad behaviour or ask the child if it is painful.

When you only give attention for bad behaviours, you are actually rewarding that behaviour. On the other hand, it is very important that parents check to make sure that it is not due to some sensory issues that the child is experiencing. Young children are not very good at telling their parents how they are feeling. Take your child to a paediatrician for a check if necessary.

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