True Motherhood Stories

My daughter was enrolled on formal school at a very young age. She began kindergarten at 2 years and 8 months old. She wasn’t supposed to be taken in but she was able to make it for the qualifying exams. In short, I had a daughter of 5 years old in Grade1 which generally have students ages 6-8. Her emotional and intellectual maturity made her land in the second rank in class.

My husband and I also had some of the usual petty quarrels which couples had to face every morning during their first five years of marriage. Like how it goes on everyday, I prepare the breakfast and rush to the shower. I intentionally spend a long time inside the bathroom so not to eat with my husband and my two kids. Whenever the kids eat their breakfast with their father alone, my daughter would shout out her favorite adage – “The cat and the dog are fighting again!”

Whenever I hear her say so, I go down and pretend that there is actually no tension between us and would join them in the table. She would go on eating, look at his father and together they would grin in discreet triumph.

The petty quarrel lurked in the house one Saturday morning. I refused to talk to my husband while I drowned myself with household chores to keep away from any further arguments. My husband was already sitting so long in front of the house when my daughter, Shan, went to sit on his lap.

She asked, “Dad, why are you sad?”

My husband answered, “You know, I did not realize I just committed so many mistakes in my life that makes Mama mad at me…”

Shan, comforting and ever-loving daughter to my husband replied in sincere encouragement, “Don’t worry, Dad. You’ll soon be like me when you study hard. Look at me, I only had two mistakes in my exams! If you just try to do your best, you will not commit mistakes anymore.”

My husband embraced Shan the tightest I ever saw. Children have their own way of looking at things. Sometimes, adults consider this view as too shallow but we, later on, realize that children’s ways are far more profound than ours that we end up pondering on our own actions. It is really funny how parents learn their lessons from their own children.

* * * * *

Children are so innocent aren’t they? Do you have interesting motherhood stories to share?

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