“Teaching kids sound financial habits at an early age give all kids the opportunity to be successful when they are an adult.” – Warren Buffett

Sentosa KidZ Flea 2014

At what age do you start talking to your kids about money? We believe as soon as your child can grasp math concepts and count money, that is a good time to start teaching them some basic money-management. Why not enroll your child as a Play-trepreneur at this year’s Sentosa KidZ Flea?

Little Bosses In The Making

Back again after two successful runs, Sentosa KidZ Flea is a platform for children to sell toys, books, handmade accessories or provide services like manicure and face painting. From the service or products they wish to sell to the selling price and layout of the store, your child is involved in the business from scratch, calling the shots. They are their own bosses.

We list down 5 valuable money lessons your child can learn being a Play-trepreneur at Sentosa KidZ Flea.

1. How Money Is Earned

It’s difficult to explain the idea of the working world to a child. So why not let them try it for themselves? The best learning experience for children is when they learn on the grounds and do it for themselves. Yes, they will meet with obstacles and rejections along the way, but these are crucial life lessons and skills which will come in handy as they grow older.

Bernice Tang, 11 years old, stall owner of Cheap-N-Deal from last year’s Sentosa KidZ Flea commented, “The event is really fun and I think that earning money is not easy. When I grow up, I will strive to earn lots of money!”

2. The Meaning of Value

Although this topic is a bit tricky to navigate, there is a reason why some things cost more than others. From this experience, children can learn and understand how to price items accordingly to their value. They will learn that even though their pre-loved toys are worth $50 in their eyes, it may not be such a wise move to sell their old items at such a price.

3. Recycled and Old Stuff = Chance to Make New Money

When your child outgrows his or her clothes and toys, use this opportunity to show them that things they no longer need or like may be things others might need. Of course, we also need to educate them on quality control; how we should not sell or give damaged goods to others. But if the toys and clothes are still in play-able and wearable conditions, it is appropriate to sell them to earn some extra savings.

5 important money lessons children can learn4. Learning and Applying Business Skills

Sentosa will provide a customised two-hour training session for your little Play-trepreneurs to teach them the art of business making. From managing their finances, merchandise display, customer service to negotiation skills, your child will be equipped with the basic knowledge on running a business.

5. Giving Back To Society

Play-trepreneurs will be contributing to society by donating part of their proceeds to the event’s adopted charity, Hospice Care Association. Talk about business with a good cause, now let us walk the talk!

Play-trepreneurs As Beach Safety Ambassadors
A new feature this year, the Play-trepreneurs will act as ambassadors to promote beach safety. Together with Sentosa Beach Safety Ambassador Mascot, Buddy Cool, they will be sharing beach safety tips!

Guests Of All Ages Are Welcomed!

Remember to gather your friends and family members to support these young ‘Donald Trumps’ or ‘Warren Buffets’ in the making and grab great bargains. Win fantastic prizes when you purchase any 2 items from the Play-trepreneurs. The buzzing flea market will also keep everyone entertained with themed performances from entertaining wacky science magic shows, ukulele performances, zany ventriloquist act to close encounter with the animal friends.

Shop, learn, and give back to society all in one place – now that’s what we call a good bargain. Sign up now to be a Play-trepreneur at KidZ Flea! Registration is now open to all children aged between 7 and 12 years.

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Sentosa KidZ Flea

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