Think! Contemporary Preschool Exhibition 2022 | Hello Future: Fantastic Paper Planet

Singapore-Art-Musuem-Septemper-School-Holiday-Think-Contemporary-preschool-programmePreschool students create their artworks as part of the Think! Contemporary preschool programme.
Image courtesy of Nobleland Arts N Learning Place @ Bishan.

Date: 27 August to 18 September 2022
Venue: Singapore Botanic Gardens
Admission: Free

In Hello Future: Fantastic Paper Planet, be enthralled by the creations of preschool children, which draw inspiration from Earth, the planet we call our home. This is the third edition of the Think! Contemporary Preschool Exhibition, and a partnership between Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and Singapore Botanic Gardens (SBG). The exhibition presents artworks by students from six preschools who participated in SAM’s signature programme, Think! Contemporary Preschool.

After visiting Superfluous Things: Paper, an exhibition by SAM, the children embarked on a journey to explore paper and its infinite possibilities as they cut, tore, coiled, crinkled, folded and moulded the humble material to bring their ideas to life.

Children who partook in the programme engaged in lively discussions on contemporary art, environmental sustainability and climate change with reference to artworks in SAM’s collection and exhibitions. They discovered sustainable forms of artmaking with reused and recycled materials and learnt about how they can play a role in saving trees and protecting the creatures that rely on forests for shelter and food.

As visitors walk through the Singapore Botanic Gardens and encounter these artworks, these works serve as a hopeful reminder to appreciate the environment and galvanise efforts towards protecting the planet for future generations. For more details, please visit here.


Art in the Commons: Data Visualising Jurong featuring Berny Tan

Singapore Art Musuem September School Holidays - Shapeless massPreschool students create their artworks as part of the Think! Contemporary preschool programme.
Image courtesy of Nobleland Arts N Learning Place @ Bishan.

Date: 16 June to 11 September 2022
Venue: Science Centre Singapore
Admission: Access to the installation is included with general admission to Science Centre Singapore

The second edition of Art in the Commons: Data Visualising Jurong returns with a new art installation by Singaporean artist Berny Tan, exploring another area of the Jurong district – Chinese Garden, located in Jurong Lake Gardens. Closed for redevelopment since 2019, the Chinese Garden can only be experienced in fragments today: viewed only from a distance, in photographs, and in memories.

a shapeless mass; a network of times takes a look at this iconic site of Jurong in its inaccessible state and examines how it exists in people’s memories. The installation is a machine-knitted “diagram” derived from the artist’s analysis of memories about the Chinese Garden which have been contributed by members of the public. These responses range from the detailed and heartfelt, to the brief, vague, and even inaccurate. The title is a reference to how these responses evolve from a shapeless mass of collected data into a textured network of collective memories which, for all their differences, describe a common space.

This presentation is part of Art in the Commons: Data Visualising Jurong, SAM’s collaboration with Science Centre Singapore to embark on community-based participatory art programmes to uncover community interests within the Jurong district. The initiative is supported by Tote Board Singapore. For more details, please visit here.

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