Money Hack: The Price Kaki App by CASE can help you save on daily essential items!

TL;DR – According to CASE president, Mr Melvin Yong, it has crossed the 100,000 downloads milestone!

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In the face of rising prices, isn’t it amazing to have a wide range of price comparisons at your fingertips anytime? This is where the Price Kaki app can come in handy. Hmm, why hasn’t anyone introduced this to me before!

Price Kaki started as a pet project launched by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) in September 2019. The aim is to help consumers compare prices and make informed purchasing decisions to stretch their dollar. It has come a long way since it was launched – helping time-strapped shoppers make more informed decisions when buying daily essential items. #ICYMI, they have recently crossed the 100,000 downloads mark! If you’re anything like me i.e. feeling the pain of the rising cost of living, this is a really useful tool that could help you save more money!

Not convinced yet? Just check out the prices of these items!

Price Kaki App Singapore

Price Kaki Singapore

Price Kaki Singapore price comparison

Previously, the app only listed groceries from major supermarket chains FairPrice, Sheng Siong, Giant and Prime. More retailers and merchants have been urged to list their products on the price comparison app Price Kaki as RedMart became the first online-only grocer to have its products listed on it.

CASE president Melvin Yong Facebook shared that in the last two months, the download rate has improved. “Users find it useful because they usually buy their groceries from the same few places and with the app, they’re able to have more information on the (same) products at different shops,” he added.

Now Price Kaki user, Mr Seah Take Wee, CASE – Publications | CASE In Point | Beyond 100,000 downloads – Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming for Price Kaki is one savvy shopper who uses the app regularly to check the prices of items before heading to the supermarket. He’s able to save up to $10 per week on his groceries! Every dollar counts these days, agree?

As CASE welcomes more users to the Price Kaki community, they will be adding more retailers, more products and more services to the app! Psst, the team is working hard to introduce more exciting features which will make the app even more useful and relevant for consumers. Download the Price Kaki App now and give it a try?

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