“Our greatest natural resource is in the minds of our children.” Dr. Joseph Michelli started off the MindChamps’ book launch event sharing this evergreen statement by Walt Disney that struck a strong chord in all of us in the audience.

MindChamps Founder CEO David Chiem and Dr Joseph MichelliMindChamps Founder CEO David Chiem and Dr. Joseph Michelli. Photo: TNAP

Held on 5 August 2019, the official book launch was an intimate event that saw Founder CEO of MindChamps, David Chiem sharing his journey in building MindChamps.

This passion in Chiem that authentically cared about educating children coupled with his organisation’s global success was what led Dr. Joseph Michelli, #1 New York Times & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, to study MindChamps in the same way as he did Starbucks, Airbnb and Mercedes-Benz.

In his latest book ‘The MindChamps Way – How To Turn An Idea Into A Global Movement’, Michelli documents MindChamps and their roadmap along with the ranks of worldwide brands.

The Driving Force Behind MindChamps

Delving deep into the topic of how MindChamps began, Chiem shared that there was a clear focus they had which was to fill the gaps of education. This is no longer simply achieved through the constant drilling of information or having children attend the preset five days of school a week to learn. The focus now is to nurture the mindsets of learners.

As such, MindChamps was established close to 20 years ago, with a strong belief that if they understand the way the children learn, they will be able to discover the best ways of focusing and unleashing the potential in every child.

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“The domain of education has rapidly changed due to technology. There are many layers before the information reaches a child. As a result, the minds of children have also rapidly changed. We’re nurturing and cultivating mindsets and teaching them how to innovate and assess things differently. Change is now happening,” said Chiem.

Michelli attested to the MindChamps Way and felt that he witnessed firsthand MindChamps’ potential in creating a culture that transforms. “The MindChamps Way translates big ideas and focuses on growing their model and system into a global movement,” he said, summing up the reason why he decided to work with MindChamps for his newest book.

The MindChamps Way bookLaunch of MindChamps’ first ever book – The MindChamps Way by Dr. Joseph Michelli. Photo: TNAP

In his book, Michelli also noted that while the companies that he featured in his prior works showed great marketing prowess, none of them were in a position to fundamentally shape the future of society on par with MindChamps.

“MindChamps is a brand that walks the talk. They are passionate about making a better society through nurturing and shaping the minds of children. My audience would be inspired too by reading this book about them,” Michelli elaborated.

Global Expansion and Upcoming Plans for MindChamps

MindChamps’ growing global presence includes premium preschools and enrichment centres in Australia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam.

When asked about how they preserve MindChamps’ footprint in their franchise development, Chiem explained that the team is highly focused on bringing the same message to where they go and they ensure there is that similar DNA in what they are and what they do across all their centres.

“Every teacher must go through the same rehearsal and deep training to ‘sing the same music’. Rehearsals take place at our headquarters but in the classroom, we know it is opening night all the time,” explained Chiem on how they ensure that every teacher in MindChamps goes through the same training to ensure consistency across all MindChamps franchises.

Chiem shared that their key focus now is in Australia and they are also preparing to expand into China and the UK in the future.

To learn more about their programmes, head over to MindChamps PreSchool.

Dr. Joseph Michelli’s book The MindChamps Way – How To Turn An Idea Into A Global Movement is now available at all major bookstores.

Photos and text by Marinne Santiago.

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