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Dreamkids Kindergarten @ East Gate

Dreamkids Kindergarten partners with Rovio Entertainment Ltd to bring in an early childhood education program for three to six-year-olds based on the Fun Learning methods and values. This programme, Angry Birds Playground, supports engagement, creativity and innovative thinking. It introduces young children to Fun Learning and encourages young learners to grow to their full potential. It also promotes critical technological and communicational skills necessary in the 21st century. There is no learning without engagement or motivation. Angry Birds Playground engages kids from an early age in a positive way so that they are motivated to learn and to continue learning as they grow.

dreamkids kindergarten

Our Strengths

Fusion of Finnish and Singapore Early Childhood Education

Finland is a global leader in education, consistently earning top spots in world rankings. For decades, many institutions have sought out to replicate and implement Finland’s successful teaching methods. We have combined the Finnish and Singapore’s expertise in education, as well as Rovio’s strong entertainment background to create Fun Learning. Designed to capture the curiosity, enthusiasm and openness we feel as five-year-olds, Fun Learning is a collection of innovative, inspiring tools that will transform young minds.

Powerful Learning Materials

Collaborating with world-renowned organisations such as NASA, National Geographic, CERN and University of Helsinki, Angry Birds Playground continues to innovate and create fun yet powerful learning materials and technologies that brings a whole new world of learning experience for our children. At the same time, we are excited to have Dr. Lily Wong, a very well-known veteran in the Early Childhood industry to endorse the unconventional preschool education that we are advocating.

Adopts a Value-based Education

Values cannot be taught just using stories and worksheets. Values are taught through examples and modelling. Children at Dreamkids exchange high fives with their parents and teachers instead of handshakes, and at the end of each session, they hug their teachers and parents as a way of showing their love for them and thanking them for teaching them. This modelling approach involves making kids more aware of people. In additional, we teach values through examining personal actions of self and others whereby kids’ actions are caught on camera. Teachers will then use them to encourage kids to become more reflective and analytical about what they see. This approach helps kids to become clearer about why they act and think. More importantly, it allows them to examine the questions of right and wrong.

Fun, Learning Environment

All digital material can be found in the Playground Channel. New activities are continuously added to the set. Angry Birds Toons can also be watched via the Playground Channel. There is one animation with questions designed as an orientation of each theme, but other Toons can also be watched instead. The animations can be shown on the interactive whiteboard, for example. In the Channel, there is also a digital story booklet for each theme. The small stories are written to match the theme and create discussion among the group. For the mathematics content area, there is a mobile game available, called Angry Birds Playground Sprint. The game combines physical exercise and math, and it’s played with mobile phones and QR- codes.

Our Kindergarten Programme

Nursery Programme

Our Nursery 1 and 2 Programmes are like no other. They are carefully designed and developed for higher learning. Your children will benefit from this holistic and well-rounded curriculum which places a strong emphasis on literacy and social-emotional development. Children learn in a fun, engaging and stimulating environment where we maintain a limit of 14-15 children per class with 2 or more qualified Early Childhood Trained Educators.

Kindergarten Programme

Our Kindergarten 1 and 2 Programmes are carefully planned with the aim to help children, not only to prepare them for primary education, but to acquire 21st century skills needed to succeed in tomorrow’s society.The 21st century skills forms an integral part of the kindergarten programme and teaching approaches. Our kindergarten curriculum consists of diversed themes which are selected to promote these skills. Our children excel in their literacy skills with the help of child-friendly phonics programme and reading programme. There are also exciting field trips to reinforce and bring learning to life.

Additional (Life Skills) Programme

Preschoolers like to investigate. They are curious and enjoy learning about the world around them. Hence for children enrolled in our additional program, they will come together and work on a project together based on the themes. The children choose what to investigate, with some guidance from the teachers. Thereafter, with the teachers’ assistance, they collect information about the topics before creating displays to share the story of the project with others. Displays might include their drawings, notes, stories, photographs, models and writings. Parent might be invited to a presentation about their project at the end of the school term.

Our Life Skills Programme includes

  • Little Oprah – Speech and Drama (English and Mandarin)
  • Little Michelin Chef (Cooking)
  • Little Picasso (Arts)
  • Little Beethoven (Music & Movement)
  • Little Jobs (Technology & Media)
  • Little Tinkering

Our Preschool Enrichment Programme

Dreamkids Early Years Enrichment Programme is our flagship brand for premier pre-school enrichment. With the very same DNA as Dreamkids Kindergarten, An Angry Birds Playground, it was conceptualised for Playgroup (18 months) to Kindergarten (6 years old) with the intent to give the children a head-start in literacy.

The curriculum is designed to provide an unfair advantage in children’s early years and in life, as well as to ensure a confident and smooth transition into Primary 1 and 2. Our enrichment programme focus on development of literacy skills which is conducted within a conducive, fun and stimulating learning environment. We aim to provide our children with a strong and solid foundation in critical life skills of listening, communication, reading and writing.

We offer

  1. Parent-Accompanied Bilingual Programme (18 months to 3 years old, 1.5hrs weekly)
  2. Bilingual Reading Programme (3 years old, 1.5hrs weekly)
  3. Young Readers & Writers Programme (4 to 6 years old, 1.5hrs weekly)

📍 46 East Coast Road, #01-03, East Gate, Singapore 428766
☎️ 6348 8078 | 8777 8834

dreamkids kindergarten

dreamkids kindergarten angry birds playground

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