Birthdays are joyous occasions that are meant to be shared. It is a time to invite family and friends to come together to celebrate this very special occasion. Birthday parties for children are getting more elaborated and original each day but always keep in mind these basics for kids party planning:

planning child birthday party

Rule 1: Making Plans with Your Child

The ultimate aim of a birthday party is to make your child feel special and for the guests to have an enjoyable time. Your child is never too young to plan with you, it is only right to sit down with your child and do the planning together.


Birthday parties need not take place at your own house, there is an increasing amount of venue which provides space and entertainment for children’s parties. Here are some interesting venues with party packages:

  1. Polliwogs – various packages to choose from and entertainers and photographers for hire
  2. Peek-a-boo – packages available for a minimum number of 15 children.
  3. eXplorerkid – a mega indoor play centre for kids below 13 years old. There is wide range of themes to choose from here.
  4. Home Horizons – have a baking good time! For children 6 – 12 years old
  5. Kidz Amaze – an indoor playground with party rooms connected to the playground. Their rooms cater for up to 70 people.
  6. Go Go Bambini – Sit back and let the planner take charge. Plenty of packages to choose from
  7. Swensen’s – You can choose from a selection of 20 dishes including Spaghetti, Baked Rice, Pizza Bread, Mini Sausage Rolls, Sandwiches, U.S Fries, Nuggets and Steak Cut Potatoes. Swensen’s Children Birthday Tea Party Buffet come with a complimentary 1 KG Swensen’s Special Ice Cream Cake, Birthday Party E-invitation Cards and free Kids’ Club Membership too! Swensen’s Children Birthday Tea Party Buffet is available for bookings with a minimum of 25 pax per package at selected Swensen’s outlets.


children birthday food

Some venues do not provide food and you may wish to prepare the food yourself. Always note that the time of the party will affect the food served. It might be a better idea to have the party in mid-morning or mid-afternoon so that it is more appropriate to serve snacks. Do check if the children have any food allergies. Some easy-to-serve snacks are: cupcakes, mini burger, whole wheat crackers, chocolate-coated strawberries, vegetables with cheesy dips. How about setting up a station for children to decorate their own cookies with frosting, mini M&Ms and sprinklers?

children birthday party

Hiring a party entertainer will help to solve any problem of planning games and activities. There is a whole range of entertainers from magicians, balloon sculpturer, face painting artists, clowns and puppeteer. It is important to note if the venue has sufficient space to accommodate the entertainer.

Helpful Links: For Magician, Face Painting Artist, Puppeteer.


There are plenty of party shops around selling fancy party-wares and more! Items range from cutlery, banners, balloons, party bags, invitation cards, confetti and beautiful dangling décor. You may want to check out The Party Stuff for a wide variety of high quality partyware imported from USA.

Rule 2: Seek help

Do not attempt to handle everything alone as it will be extremely stressful for you. Get help from friends or families or your child’s elder siblings (depending on the tasks) with the games, food or to take care of minor boo-boos. Try to make it as enjoyable as possible for yourself as well.

Here are some safety tips to keep the party trouble-free:

  • Make sure the party bags given out are age-appropriate and preferably without any small parts to prevent choking. A small jar of Play-Doh is a good gift to be included in the party bag =)
  • Balloons are popular decorations for birthday parties, but broken balloon pieces, as well as un-inflated balloons, are far from harmless. Children may choke or suffocate from these. Do keep un-inflated balloons away.
  • Rotate the menu to keep foods fresh. Serve the foods and snacks in stages rather than presenting all foods at once on a big table.
  • Other measures to be taken: put in outlet covers, put on door handle covers, pad corners, and put away glass and valuable decoration

For now, HAVE FUN during your kid’s party planning.

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