Science Centre is bidding their butterflies goodbye! Hurry, get 50% off ala-carte tickets to the exhibit and enjoy the company of the winged marvels!

Target Audience: Ages 5 & up
Date: 2 to 31 Mar 2023
Time: 10am – 5pm

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[April 2016]: Science Centre Singapore Launches Singapore’s First Butterfly Vivarium!

Visitors will be taken on an immersive journey through the stages of a butterfly’s metamorphosis – from egg to vibrant adulthood – delivered across five interactive zones augmented by a spectacular up-close experience with more than 500 live butterflies.

Live Butterfly Enclosure at Butterflies Up-Close

More than 500 tropical butterflies will flutter into the hearts and minds of visitors at Science Centre Singapore (SCS) this April, as part of the Centre’s latest exhibition Butterflies Up-Close.

Singapore’s first indoor butterfly sanctuary, and an addition to SCS’s life science offerings, underpins the Centre’s commitment to delivering inspiring science experiences that entertain, engage and enrich our young.

Warning Camouflage at Butterflies Up-Close

Developed in partnership with Sentosa’s Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom (BIK), Butterflies Up-Close will take visitors on an immersive journey through all four stages of a butterfly’s metamorphosis – from egg to adulthood.

With interactive touch points, live displays and a vivid storyline that flows across five zones, visitors will gain unique insights into the lives of these fragile creatures and learn more about their ways of life.

The Giant Caterpillar - Butterflies Up-Close

The butterflies will be housed within a humidity and temperature-controlled enclosure and in this unique environment, the insects are less vulnerable to natural predators and changing climate conditions, optimising their chance of survival.

Highlights of the interactive exhibition include a “Research Pod” where visitors can observe butterfly specimens under microscopes and learn about their anatomy, look at the iridescence on their wings and find out how a butterfly views the world. In the butterfly enclosure, visitors will have the opportunity to get up-close to these fragile beauties, including Singapore’s national favourite, the Common Rose.

butterfly exhibit at butteflies up-close

Butterflies Up-Close will also feature an on-site classroom for schools, where students will have the chance to explore the life cycle of a butterfly in an immersive and experiential environment.

Butterfly Up-Close staff facilitiating media activity at media preview of Butterflies-Upclose

Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive of SCS said, “Butterflies Up-Close is a welcome addition to SCS, as we continue to explore new and exciting ways to inspire our visitors. This would not have been possible without the combined efforts of SCS and BIK’s expertise in the field. Many of our younger generations have lost touch with nature and have the wrong attitude towards insects. We hope that the attraction will foster a deeper appreciation towards the often misunderstood invertebrate communities, and create a greater awareness for such species who share the same planet with us.”

Atlas Moth - Butterflies Up-Close Singapore Science Centre

“BIK is pleased to have partnered with SCS to create Singapore’s first butterfly vivarium, an indoor enclosure to showcase the vivid beauty of different butterflies and interesting insects. We believe that Butterflies Up-Close will provide an immersive educational platform for all visitors and we look forward to witnessing this magic come to life,” commented Mr S J Chiang, Managing Director of BIK.

Butterflies Up-Close is located at SCS Hall D, and will be open to the public from 30th April 2016. A gated attraction, tickets are priced at SGD14 excluding admission to Science Centre Singapore. You can purchase Science Centre Singapore’s tickets on Klook.

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