There are many reasons why women fear pregnancy. Aside from pains and aches, women also fear about the changes she undergoes physically. Weight gain, stretch mark and scars, it is undeniable that your pregnant body will change.

Here are some facts that could help your to love your pregnant body:

Reasons for Loving your Pregnant Body: loving pregnant body

  1. Something mysterious, miraculous, great and rewarding is happening inside. You may have difficulty to peep into your feet when standing or you may have encountered sprouting of stretch marks yet the best consolation for those is to be grateful about the development that causes it all.
  2. Refrain from getting obsessed obtaining a fit figure. Look around you and realise that everyone loves a pregnant woman. You are considered special because of that unique role only woman can perform and the spotlight will slowly move from you towards that little blessing inside your womb.
  3. Fashion rules don’t apply during pregnancy. You can mix and match and wear whatever pleases you. After all, pregnancy chic deals about your comfort primarily and not about what designers can critique with your fa├žade.
  4. Pregnancy is your time to pamper your hair and make the best look out of it. Why? Why not? During pregnancy, the body stops shedding hair. This is a chance for you to appreciate and highlight one of the best events entailed with pregnancy.
  5. Face it, the things you are most likely to be ashamed about cannot be seen by the public unless you are someone used to parading in bikinis. The marks and the scratches are hidden and there is nothing to worry being seen by your average guy. As long as you partner understands these changes, do not cry over your popped belly button.
  6. Funny as it may sound but pregnancy is your chance to give reasons to your flaws. Hips too big and breasts too small could now have legitimate excuse.

These facts may be comforting but it always pays to do something to maintain your beautiful glow even if you are pregnant.

Ways to Feel Good About your Body:

  1. Pregnancy can cause skin troubles so you never neglect your skin. Nourish it every day as usual with moisturisers that are not just good for drying skin or the expanding belly. Some of the known moisturisers also have the ability to minimise blotches and visibility of stretch marks.
  2. Indulge to boost your self-esteem. A prenatal massage could also relax the body. Spend a day in the spa with a friend or with your spouse to release stress and anxiety.
  3. Believe in the power of makeup. Cosmetics have changed the world especially on how it looks like. With the presence of concealers, powders, lipstick and other cosmetic products, there is actually no reason for a pregnant woman to feel undesirable and ugly.
  4. Stay active. Engage in worthwhile activities like social endeavours and new hobbies. Prevent yourself from feeling sick and bloated by being active and vigorous.

Beauty is a state of mind. Being beautiful and feeling it begins from within.

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